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Sunday, 07 October


Unpacking is Australia a racist country? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Racism is insidious. It impacts on peoples health, their education, housing and employment opportunities, and their sense of self and safety living in Australia.


If only they'd known where to look! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exhibit One Friday 6 March 1992 The West Australian newspaper Exhibit Two Saturday 7 March 1992 The West Australian newspaper


In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver from GATA By Angela East, Sydney, Australia Friday, October 5, 2018 PERTH, Australia Eric Sprott knows just a bit about how to make money in mining,...

The post In Perth, Eric Sprott scorns gold forecasters and paper gold and silver appeared first on The Daily Coin.


We do not need to give Abbott a chance, we know who he is "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tony Abbott holds no qualifications or expertise in the area of education, and has a history of mismanagement and negative meddling when he has been in positions of power over Indigenous affairs


Hard to imagine Chairman Mal saying this! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Doesnt get much cooler than that #Bathurst1000 Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) October 7, 2018 Now thats teamwork Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) October 7, 2018


US Senator records scene as he walks to the chamber for Kavanaugh vote "IndyWatch Feed National"

Congratulations President Trump and Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh's stoicism in the face of overwhelming pressure from the Left is an inspiration. This was the scene as Republican Senator John Kennedy walked to the chamber for the vote on Judge Kavanaugh. This is what the U.S. Capitol was like today as...


Doug Mesner is Running with Lies From My Nephew "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since my nephew Marc Hester is so eager to help Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves run with lies about me molesting him, let me explain why.

This is BS- meant to demonize me. But let me tell you why

The Hesters are desperate not to be investigated. Like for gun running. every time they have visited their cousins- they have been looking to sell guns illegally.

In fact my nephew- Kathys boy- just recently told me this involved two Uzi machine guns.

However- if the authorities would like to ask my niece- they can. And she is a 911 operator so I it isnt like she would lie about it.

Mesners attacks never stop- as you can see from our email exchange with his IEATBABIES account

This Is The Email Exchange Between Myself and IEATBABIES Who I Believe Is Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves


New car sales slowing in Sydney (good!) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

New car sales slowing

Over the years I've dutifully reported the monthly new motor vehicle sales figures here, including the super-boom in New South Wales, where last year new motor sales were tracking at a rolling annual total of about 400,000 (up from about 300,000 a decade earlier).

That couldn't last...and nor should it.

The car yards are now reporting slower sales in New South Wales, widely - and I think correctly - assumed to be related to the cooling housing market.

That's one likely cause.

Another is that almost anyone and everyone in New South Wales who could've wanted a new car has already bought one.

The number of vehicles on the NSW register exploded by another 400,000 over the 5 years to the 2018 motor vehicle Census to 4.28 million. 

Gas-guzzling US aside, very few countries have more vehicles per 1,000 of population than New Zealand and Australia.

The Australian 2018 Motor Vehicle Census reported 776 motor vehicles per 1,000 persons, compared to an equivalent figure of 469 in the United Kingdom, for example.

Yes, we're a highly urbanised country.

But with public transport usage now on the rise as Sydney and Melbourne mature as capital cities the ratio should ideally be declining. 

And yet throughout the period from 2013 to 2018 the ratio in New South Wales inc...


Coleys Dramatic Cancer Cure, Part 5: Why Does His Method Work? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ubiquitous pink ribbon asking us to fund new research but why?

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

So far this series on Coleys cure has included a few case studies from the list of 30 cases published in 1953 at the behest of Coleys daughter Helen. She wrote a book (or perhaps it is a long article in Acta Medica Scandanvia) entitled A Review of the Influence of Barcterial Infection and of Bacterial products (Coleys Toxins) on Malignant Tumors in Man. Her co-authors were George A A Fowler, MD and Frances H. Bogatko, MD.

The rest of this article is taken, unedited (except for an announced abridgment about fever) from the Introduction to that book. I will print the Discussion that followed this Introduction, i...


Globalisation and Higher Tribalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Globalisation and Higher Tribalism Peter Myers, December 7, 2002; update January 15, 2006. My comments are shown {thus}. 
Write to me at contact.html
(1) Introducing Higher Tribalism (2) Joel Kotkin on Higher Tribalism

(1) Introducing Higher Tribalism
Is Globalisation making us "one", or are we divided by tribal allegiances? 
Joel Kotkin's book Tribes is a study of five such tribes - Jews, British (which includes "white "Australians & Americans of English/Irish ancestry), Japanese, Chinese and Indians. Each has a homeland core, a diaspora spread around the world, and a cultural sense of uniqueness. More from Kotkin below
Amy Chua, a Filipino of Chinese "tribe", wrote a book called World On Fire, about "market-dominant minorities," groups like the Chinese in Southeast Asia, Jews in Russia, whites in Zimbabwe and Indians in East Africa and Fiji. 
Michelle Goldberg wrote in her review of it: 
'Market-dominant minorities control hugely disproportionate percentages of their countries' resources. Filipino Chinese comprise just 1 to 2 percent of the Philippines' population, but control all of the country's major supermarkets, fast-food restaurants and large department stores, and all but one of the nation's banks. A similar situation obtains in Indonesia. Jews make up a similarly tiny proportion of Russia's population, but of the seven "oligarchs" who control virtually all of the country's business, six are Jewish. Lebanese dominate the economies in Sierra Leone and Gambia, while Indians dominate the economy in Kenya, along with a smaller, indigenous minority tribe called the Kikuyu. Similar examples abound worldwide. ... 
'In Indonesia ... By 1998, Chua writes, Chinese made up 3 percent of the population but controlled 70 percent of the private economy.'
Yuri Slezkine's book The Jewish Century is also about higher tribalism. He wrote: '... The most common way to describe the role and the...


Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Part One. Pastor Mark Johnson. Fake pastor. No Holy Spirit Anointing. Arrogant. Dysfunctional. Lust Problems with Young Ladies of The Church. Plays Patronage and Nepotism Games. A Control Freak. Has Marriage Problems. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pastor Mark Johnson. Not to be trusted or believed. No Holy Spirit. No love or empathy. A control freak. Has marital issues. No filter between his brain and his mouth like a lot of Australians. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Crucifying Jesus daily, and every time he opens his mouth.


Pastor Mark Johnson of Harbour Church Coffs Harbour is a fake pastor. Mark Johnson has no Holy Spirit Anointing, is arrogant, totally dysfunctional, has lust problems with Young Ladies of the church, plays patronage and nepotism games like his boss Head Pastor Phil Campbell, is a control freak and intimidating in a passive-aggressive way and has unresolved marriage problems with his gentle and sweet wife Mimi. One might say, no wonder....


Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Part 5. Rev Clark Taylor and the corrupt origins of Harbour Church Coffs Harbour. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rev Clark Taylor founder of the COC Movement which Harbour Church belongs to- serial adulterer and imposter. The COC movement has changed its name.

This is part 5 in a series on Harbour Church Coffs Harbour, Mid-Coast New South Wales, Australia, 45 minutes from where I live.

In this series, Im explaining how Harbour Church has gone off the rails. Im not sure that it was ever on the rails.

The founder of the movement Harbour Church belongs to was Clark Taylor.

Clark Taylor, like Frank Houston the pedophile founder of Hillsong, came to prominence in Australia in the 1980s, after the finish of the Charismatic Movement and Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Clark Taylor, who I never heard operate and have never watched a video of, claimed he performed healing miracles, as did the secret lifelong pedophile Frank Houston. Clark Taylor is another charlatan who got caught out having three marital affairs. These are the marital affairs he got caught out with. There may have, and probably were, many more. This is always the case with these types of charlatans.

So these are the roots of Harbour Church.

Like Hillsong, the movement Harbour Church belongs to, has changed its name, to try to wash away the stains and its links to Clark Taylor.

These corrupt spiritual and moral roots of Harbour Church may explain many of the defects an...


Pastor Clark Taylor of COC Movement: Man of God who fell from grace "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rev Clark Taylor of the COC Movement- serial adulterer and imposter.


Clark Taylor, main picture, was Australias first tele-evangelist. Inspired by Billy Graham, he built an empire based at his Brisbane church during the cashed-up 1980s with his energetic orations, television broadcasts and supposed ability to heal the sick.

But when revelations of an extra-marital affair surfaced, Taylor fled to America where he worked the Christian circuit for a decade. Now in his mid-60s, hes back, practising his faith in a more cynical era in Brisbanes Bible belt.

Article below

The Age

Man of God who fell from grace

29 July 2004 10:00am

Paul Kalina reports on the rise, fall and rise of our first tele-evangelist.

To say that the programming of this biography of Australian tele-evangelist Clark Taylor was triggered by Peter Costellos recent appearance at the Hillsong Church may be drawing too long a bow. All the same, Keeping the Faithful director Nicole McCuaig hopes its scre...

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Saturday, 06 October


Hot Economic Warfare: Scrambling for Rare-Earth Minerals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just like the gold rushes of California between 1848 and 1855, Canada's Klonike of 1896 to 1899, and Western Australia's of the 1890s, the world is experiencing a frenzy to obtain mining rights in pursuit of today's "gold," namely rare earth minerals. Used for components of electric vehicle batteries, mobile telephones, flat-screen televisions, flash drives, cameras, precision-guided missiles, industrial magnets, wind turbines, solar panels, and other high-tech items, rare earth minerals have become the type of sought-after commodity that uranium and plutonium were during the onset of the atomic age. Rare earth minerals do not easily roll off one's tongue in the same manner as gold, silver, and platinum. For example, yttrium oxide and europium, while sounding unimportant, are what provide the red hue in color televisions. Nations around the world are scrambling to secure reserves containing rare earth minerals. China, where one-third of the planet's rare earth minerals are...


Australia: Islamic Bonnie and Clyde plotted New Years Eve jihad stabbing attack on non-Muslims "IndyWatch Feed National"

A couple who described themselves as an Islamic Bonnie and Clyde have been found guilty in an Australian court of planning a New Years Eve terrorist stabbing attack on non-Muslims. Sameh Bayda and Alo-Bridget Namoa, both 21, were charged last year with the offences Now the two will enter prison, where they will likely join []


Ed Jewett: Zionist Ex Soldiers Running International Pedophilia Network "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ex-Israeli soldier heading child prostitution ring spanning Latin America deported from Colombia

Also known as Assi Ben-Mosh, he has been connected with drug trafficking and sexual exploitation throughout Europe and in Japan and has been investigated by police in Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, India and Brazil.


Assi Ben-Mosh suspected of involvement with child trafficking ring, where over 250 girls aged 14-17 were forced to have sex with locals and tourists

Deported from Colombia, alleged Israeli kingpin arrested at Ben Gurion airport

Phi Beta Iota: Not quite Zionist Strike 21 but close.  There is mounting evidence of a global law enforcement campaign to bury Israeli military and intelligence personnel who have treated the world as their personal whorehouse.

See Also:

Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota

Zion Strike @ Phi Beta Iota


Australian Complicity: Nauru and Silencing Journalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Journalism is getting something of a battering in Australia.  At the parliamentary level, laws have passed that would be inimical to any tradition versed in the bill of rights.  (Australia, not having such a restraining instrument on political zeal, can only rely on the bumbling wisdom of its representatives.) At the executive level, deals have been brokered between Canberra and various regional states to ensure minimum coverage over the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.  Secrecy is all fashion.

Adding to this is the triumph of a certain breed of lazy, compliant journalist.  The image of the ragtag journo long lost in the speculative tripe of Evelyn Waughs Scoop has been replaced by a tedious, technocratic lout who should, time permitting, be put out to a distant pasture.  We are now dealing with compromised dispatches, press releases that yoke the reasoning and analysis that would barely pass muster in the lower grades of a half credible primary. The investigative journalist has, for the most part, disappeared, leaving a few brave scribblers to toil in the wilderness.

The corporate angle on this is fairly unremitting: wedged between the Murdoch behemoth (populist, ragged Herald Sun, or the screaming ideological The Australian) and the Fairfax machine (given a progressive tag), the options for the enterprising press writers are narrow.  From the perspective of covering the brutal refugee policy Australia insists on pursuing, the Murdoch press tend to earn the medals of the island authorities in Manus and Nauru.  Fairfax shuffles along in the background with the occasional note of condemnation.

The restrictions placed on covering the policy of the Australian government, and those paid subsidiaries on Nauru and Manus remain on par with the secrecy protocols of the Cold War.  Since its inception, the Australian policy towards boat arrivals ultimately sent to those isolated island reaches has smacked of colonial patronage, with the regulations to boot.

Elevated to the levels of high secrecy under the term Operation Sovereign Borders, operational details in dealing with boat arrivals, as they are termed, have been a matter of clandestine value. The degrees of control have also extended to covering camp conditions, a matter policed by brutish little laws such as the Australian Border Force Act 2015 (Cth).  Under that bit of legislative nastiness, those who obtain protected information in the course of their employment in the border force apparatus can be punished for two years for disclosing such information except to authorised personnel.

Prior to the passage of the ABFA, the Australian government made it its business to hound a number of Save the Children employees working in the Nauru Regional Processing centre. Th...


This is Where the Anonymous Complaints Against My Dogs Came From "IndyWatch Feed National"

This was left in the comments last night on my new interview with Out of the Gate along with a myriad of lies. It explains where the anonymous complaints concerning my dogs came from.

This is who the city council is working with to try and decimate me. People who attack and lie in order to protect their child trafficking enterprise.


Who will win the Trump-China trade war? And at what cost? "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Trump and his supporters say he is winning his trade war with Beijing. Just look at the Chinese economy. The nation is dealing with a mountain of debt, and its growth and investment are slowing down. But are Trumps trade policies responsible for Chinas mounting problems? And if Trump keeps on pushing, can he win? And if so, at what cost?

Who will win the Trump-China trade war? And at what cost?


President Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping during their Beijing meeting in November 2017. (New China News Agency)


What is Trumps real objective?

No one is quite sure how far Trump plans to go in pressuring China with hefty trade tariffs. One analysis late last month by the Australia-based ANZ Bank predicted the warfare will last until 2020 because the two sides are so far apart. Washington accuses China of stealing American intellectual property and demands it open its economy up more to foreign competition. China contends that it is playing by World Trade Organization rules.

By Robyn Dixon
The Los Angeles Times

Some analysts think the real U.S. objective is a gradual decoupling of the worlds two biggest economies, hitherto deeply entwined and interdependent. The U.S. government has blocked investments by several prominent Chinese companies particularly in the telecommunications and high-tech fields as threats to American security, and Chinese investment in the U.S. economy has plummeted. Meanwhile, some U.S. companies are planning to move operations out of China if the trade war drags on.

There is no doubt that U.S.-China relations have flipped, from some kind of hedged, competitive engagement, to all-out competition on numerous fronts, said analyst Richard McGregor of the Sydney-based Lowy Institute, who is currently in Washington. Its not just about trade. Its geopolitical, military, diplomatic and economic, which is why theres no real endpoint in sight. In many respects, its also an end-of-history-type competition between rival political systems.

He said the idea of the economies decoupling had taken hold in Beijing too.

Both sides want to untangle parts of their economic relationship on national security grounds, to ensure that they dont rely on each other in any pivotal areas. Business and trade used to provide some ballast to the geopolitical competition. Now, business is just another battleground.

One interpretation popular in China is tha...


United States Pentagon Internet censorship plans "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from the USA says about itself:

13 August 2017

It turns out we dont have to wait for Net Neutrality to be gutted to see restricted access to left-wing news sites. Google is practicing its own form of censorship by revamping its search protocol to limit your ability to read pages such as Wikileaks, DemocracyNow! and AlterNet. Lee Camp has more on how Google is leading the way in making sure the masses stay uninformed about all the ways in which our capitalist society is killing us.

By Andre Damon in the USA:

The US militarys vision for state censorship

5 October 2018

In March, the United States Special Operations Command, the section of the Defense Department supervising the US Special Forces, held a conference on the theme of Sovereignty in the Information Age. The conference brought together Special Forces officers with domestic police forces, including officials from the New York Police Department, and representatives from technology companies such as Microsoft.

This meeting of top military, police and corporate representatives went unreported and unpublicized at the time. However, the Atlantic Council recently published a 21-page document summarizing the orientation of the proceedings. It is authored by John T. Watts, a former Australian Army officer and consultant to the US Department of Defe...


The Weekend Quiz October 6-7, 2018 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

Question 1:

The ECB has announced that it will taper its quantitative easing over the next few months. The steady decline in purchases of government bonds from the non-government sector will reduce the growth of net financial assets in that sector.

The answer is False.

Quantitative easing involves the central bank buying assets from the non-government sector government bonds and high quality corporate debt.

In doing so, the central bank is doing is swapping financial assets with the banks they sell their financial assets and receive back in return extra reserves.

So the central bank is buying one type of financial asset (private holdings of bonds, company paper) and exchanging it for another (reserve balances at the central bank).

The net financial assets in the private sector are in fact unchanged although the portfolio composition of those assets is altered (maturity substitution) which changes yields and returns.

In terms of changing portfolio compositions, quantitative easing increases central bank demand for long maturity assets held in the private sector which reduces interest rates at the longer end of the yield curve.

These are traditionally thought of as the investment rates. This might increase aggregate demand given the cost of investment funds is likely to drop.

But on the other hand, the lower rates reduce the interest-income of savers who will reduce consumption (demand) accordingly.

How these opposing effects balance out is unclear but the evidence suggests there is not very much impact at all.

The following blogs may be of further interest to you:


Climate change: IPCCs special report comes at a crucial point. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Why the next three months are crucial for the future of the planet

Two forthcoming major climate talks offer governments an opportunity to respond to this years extreme weather with decisive action   Fiona Harvey  Environment correspondent  5 Oct 2018 This week, scientists are gathering in South Korea to draw together the last five years of advances in climate science to answer key questions for policymakers. The UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) celebrates its 30th birthday this year with what is likely to be a landmark report to be released on Monday 8 October. What is expected to emerge will be the strongest warning yet that these unusual occurrences will add up to a pattern that can only be overcome with drastic action.

Thousands of the worlds leading climate experts collaborate on the periodic reports, released roughly every half-decade. They have grown clearer over the years in the certainty of their evidence that climate change is occurring as a result of human actions, and firmer in their warnings of the disruptive consequences.

This time, the scientists will attempt to answer whether and how the world can meet the aspiration set in the Paris agreement of 2015 to hold warming to no more than 1.5C, beyond which many low-lying states and islands are likely...


Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan

Posted on October 5, 2018

Source: Deus Nexus | By DAVID NOVA


Wealthy Americans have stepped up investment in New Zealand. Parliament votes to ban foreigners from buying bolt-hole homes.

Bloomberg | By Olivia Carville

Years of doomsday talk at Silicon Valley dinner parties has turned to action.

In recent months, two 150-ton survival bunkers journeyed by land and sea from a Texas warehouse to the shores of New Zealand, where theyre buried 11 feet underground.

Seven Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased bunkers from Rising S Co. and planted them in New Zealand in the past two years, said Gary Lynch, the manufacturers general manager. At the first sign of an apocalypse nuclear war, a killer germ, a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent the Californians plan to hop on a private jet and hunker down, he said.

New Zealand is an enemy of no one, Lynch said in an interview from his office in Murchison, Texas, southeast of Dallas. Its not a nuclear target. Its not a target for war. Its a place where people seek refuge.

The remote island nation, clinging to the southern part of the globe 2,500 miles off Australias coast, has 4.8 million people and six times as many sheep. It has a reputation for natural beauty, easy networking, low-key politicians who bike to work, and rental prices half those of the San Francisco Bay Area. That makes it an increasingly pop...


Former Nowra police sergeant, ACT teacher jailed for perjury after Taser assault "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former Nowra cop, Sergeant Nigel Davey took part in the rescue of a family in Nowra when cables on the Nowra Creek suspension bridge came loose in June 2013. Davey was last week jailed for perjury after an assault with a Taser. Photo: Frances Rand

Nigel Alfred Davey, 47, was given a 12-month prison sentence with a non-parole period of seven months for making a false statement in relation to his arrest of Regan Sutton in Nowra in June 2013.
Davey appeared in Queanbeyan Local Court for sentencing and also received a 14-month good behaviour bond for the assault of Mr Sutton.
Davey had been on patrol in Nowra when he tasered an unarmed Mr Sutton from the driver's seat of his police car.
He later lied about the incident under oath, saying Mr Sutton had been armed with a knife and tried to attack him.
Court documents showed that Davey worked as a teacher in the ACT from February to December of 2016.
A young person has been tasered and excessively so.
Magistrate Michael Antrum
The ACT government would not confirm at which school Davey had been employed or how he was able to gain employment within the education directorate despite being dismissed from the NSW Police for misconduct.
The prosecution's court submissions showed Davey was dismissed from the police force in 2015 for another instance of inappropriately using a Taser in January 2014.
Davey had criminal charges of common assault and perjury brought against him on September...


NNTT Jinka Jervois Pastoral Leases "IndyWatch Feed National"

National Native Title Tribunal File DC2018/002 available here entered on the Register 7/9/2018.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment A - Map of Area available here
Schedule A - Native Title Claim Group Description available here

This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Searches of the CIFHS web site will produce a large amount of information about those mentioned in the Claim Group list plus further information on other descendants.


Industrial ags spurious biosecurity claims revealed "IndyWatch Feed National"

AFSA and our partners recently negotiated a streamlined application process for pastured pig and poultry production... however, during the final stages in planning and negotiation, state administrators suddenly removed non-chicken poultry--ducks, quail, turkey, squab....from the proposed streamline application process on the basis of "biosecurity" concerns.

AFSA commissioned a report by Robert G. Wallace, PhD to unpack the presumptions underlying removing non-chicken poultry. Wallace asks, "What are the reasons? Are they legitimate? Do such decision trees represent something other than scientific criteria? Are alternative policy positions possible?"

"Does the discrepancy between how industrial and regenerative farmers are regulated depend on the political power by which agribusiness is able to impose the worst social costs of production upon Australian states and its citizens with little consequence (Halpin and Martin 1999, Dibden and Cocklin 2007)? Does that power include a kind of gaslighting out of a moral economy of agribusinesss control, forcing smallholders to carry the load (and blame) for biosecurity problems little of their making and emerging at scales far greater in industrial production (East 2007, Bryant and Garnham 2014, Moyle et al. 2016)? It increasingly appears that the largely unfounded notion wild waterfowl and pasture poultry in Australia represent inherent gateways through which industrial poultry production is placed at risk is presently a global go-to fallacy, deployed across multiple countries internationally, and aimed at redirecting attention away from intensive productions role in driving the evolution and spread of newly emergent disease (Engering et al. 2013, Wallace 2016b, 2017)."

Read the whole report here: Wallace Duck and Cover Report September 2018.

The post Industrial ags spurious biosecurity claims revealed appeared first on Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance.


NNTT Rainbow Valley "IndyWatch Feed National"

National Native Title Tribunal File DC2018/004 available here entered on the Register 2/10/2018.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment A - Map of Area available here
Schedule A - Native Title Claim Group Description available here

This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Searches of the CIFHS web site will produce a large amount of information about those mentioned in the Claim Group list plus further information on other descendants.


Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated, Who is healthier? With Meryl Dorey "IndyWatch Feed National"

The AVN, with the help and support of its members across Australia and around the world, has erected a billboard (see the image below) in Brisbane QLD. Read More


Longmate to ship 30,000 tonnes of banana to China "IndyWatch Feed National"

05 Oct 2018 | Khmer TimesThe company has cleared and irrigated 300 ha of land on its 1000 ha concession, on which it will plant banana trees imported from China, but that are originally from Australia.


Im starting a church quite soon in Bellingen, Mid-North Coast, New South Wales, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bellingen's main drag

Bellingens main street.  I live in the country-side outside town.

Ive been thinking of starting a church for a while. Ive made the decision to do so.

I cant find a New Testament church in the Coffs Harbour region so Im going to start one.

Im gojng to enter a time of prayer and preparation and see what happens.

Ive pioneered many home groups and one church in my 43 years as a Spirit-baptised Christian.

My vision for this church is to model it on the Early Church and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

Only God and His Word, gently shared. God gently and sensitively worshipped. Care and love. Meeting together. Fellowshipping. Sharing bread. Supporting one another in love.

Im going to have to pray a lot and start practicing my guitar and worship the Lord.

Im going to spend a lot of time on my knees, with the Bible open, waiting on the Lord



For Sale - Asst Treasurer Stuart Robert flogging $5,800 per person tours to Israel "IndyWatch Feed National"

Assistant Treasurer the Honourable Stuart Robert MP is now flogging and hosting trips to the Holy Land. Sign up here! This bloke has no judgement. He was in the shit for a stupid trip to China with a party donor. He's allowed someone to run up a $2,800 bill in...


Most Wentworth voters want Nauru children brought to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exclusive: Poll shows climate change tops list of issues for people in the electorate, ahead of the economy and hospital fundingA clear majority of voters in the electorate of Wentworth want children on Nauru to be brought to Australia for medical assessment, and 55% say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who could deliver that outcome, according to a new poll.A poll commissioned by the Refugee Council of Australia says 65.4% of a sample of 870 Wentworth residents want [...]


Scammers Use Cryptocurrency ATMs to Target Potentially Vulnerable Victims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian police have been informed of a scam in which the perpetrators are requesting people deposit funds for them at cryptocurrency ATMs. It is thought that those behind the scam are targeting newly-arrived migrants who are unsure if such requests are genuine since they are navigating an entirely foreign system of taxation for the first time.

Elaborate Cryptocurrency Scam Generates Tens of Thousands of Dollars

According to a report in the U.K.s Daily Mail newspaper, there have been four victims of the Australian crypto ATM scam to date. All of those defrauded out of funds were based in Melbournes eastern suburbs.

The scam itself involves those behind it contacting potential victims with a request for outstanding taxes. It states that these must be paid directly into one of the citys cryptocurrency ATM machines and sent to an unknown address.

Police investigating the scam have reason to believe that those behind it are targeting newly-arrived economic migrants. This demographic is much more likely to be compliant with such a request since refusal to adhere to similar, legitimate requests could negatively impact on the immigration process.

As strangers in a foreign land, the victims are also much less likely to question correspondence supposedly from the government, since they have no yardstick to compare above board requests from authorities to fraudulent ones.

The victims were under the impression that they would be detained if they did not comply to requests for deposits at the crypto ATM in Braybrook, Melbourne. This scaremongering tactic is reported to have netted the scammers an undisclosed five-figure sum.

The Daily Mail also reports on a second variation of the same scam. This time, those behind it tell victims that they have been alerted to a debt of outstanding taxes by the federal police or private accountants.

Katherine Lehpamer, a local police representative, said of the scam:

Anyone getting a call along these lines should make inquiries with the relevant authority before paying any money We believe there are a number of victims who may be here on visas or not aware that authorities would never tell them to deposit money into an ATM.



Navy war games killing whales? "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video says about itself:

Almost 200 Pilot Whales Beached in New Zealand! Is Navy Testing to Blame?

13 February 2015

Almost 200 pilot whales stranded themselves Friday on a New Zealand beach renowned as a deathtrap for the marine mammals. Is past nuclear testing to blame?

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Are submarine war games killing whales?

PETER FROST investigates many mysterious whale corpses turning up on Scottish and Irish beaches

LAST week I told the remarkable tale of an Arctic beluga whale which turned up at Tilbury on the Thames. It is still living there as I write this, seven days later. And it shows no signs of moving on at any time soon.

Should the animal manage to make its way from the Thames, it will need to avoid being hit by passing shipping both in the busy Thames itself and the Channel, which has some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

Getting back to its home in the Arctic will not be easy, but it did manage exactly the same thousands of miles journey in the other direction to get here.

While we were all smiling at the whale in the Thames, marine mammal scientists had something much more serious to investigate.

Why had 75 deep-water whales washed up on Scottish and Irish coasts during August and September? Most are Cuviers beaked whales, which are among the deepest-diving whales on the planet.

Nearly 50 badly decomposed...


The Diabolical Truth About Mass-Market Cocaine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Apparently, its a cosmic law that whatever the government wages war against mysteriously becomes exponentially worse. Take drugs, for example. After decades of a brutal and destructive international war, drugs just keep on becoming more prevalent and more dangerous.

But the drug war is part of the zeitgeist, and so we have that strange and terrible dynamic where something that could be potentially be useful and beneficial is forced into the underground where manufacture and distribution are bastardized and taken over by criminals and murderers.

Cocaine is a popular drug with some 22+ million estimated global users, which amounts to almost the entire population of Australia. When produced properly, its apparently amazing enough that even Sigmund Freud was quite fond of it, noting:

exhilaration and lasting euphoria, which in no way differs from the normal euphoria of the healthy personYou perceive an increase of self-control and possess more vitality and capacity for work.In other words, you are simply normal, and it is soon hard to believe you are under the influence of any drug.Long intensive physical work is performed without any fatigueThis result is enjoyed without any of the unpleasant after-effects that follow exhilaration brought about by alcohol.Absolutely no craving for the further use of cocaine appears after the first, or even after repeated taking of the drug [Source]

The Rolling Stones, and many other amazing rock bands from the 60s and 70s, produced much of their greatest music under the influence of Merck pharmaceutical grade cocaine. Guitarist Keith Richards talks about th...


MACKAY Thief raids business cash register while on parole "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 05, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

Thief raids business cash register while on parole

October 05, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

Its the latest offence amongst an extensive history of property crime by Michael Robert Naylor, Mackay Magistrates Court was told. The 50-year-old

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Labourer accused of repeat dangerous driving "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 05, 2018 at 07:22AM ,

Labourer accused of repeat dangerous driving

October 05, 2018 at 07:22AM ,

Shaun Daniel Mccamley, now listed as living at Kelso (formerly Walkerston), faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday. The 39-year-old man

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user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Drink driver walks with work licence, no conviction "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 05, 2018 at 07:22AM ,

Drink driver walks with work licence, no conviction

October 05, 2018 at 07:22AM ,

Shannon Luke Edwards, 39, appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to driving over the middle alcohol limit at Bowen

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MACKAY Man charged after having a couple of beers while driving "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY October 04, 2018 at 07:46AM ,

Man charged after having a couple of beers while driving

October 04, 2018 at 07:46AM ,

Scott Kenneth Robson pleaded guilty in Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday to driving while over the middle alcohol limit. The prosecution submitted

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Rain bomb explodes over drought stricken Sydney dropping a month of rain in 24 hours "IndyWatch Feed National"

A massive rain bomb has exploded over the east coast of Australia, but it will not be enough to save the crops of drought-hit farmers inland. Sydney was hit with a month's worth of rain over the last 24 hours and the Bureau of Meteorology said region could see a further 40mm on Friday. But inland areas of New South Wales like Bathurst and the Central Tablelands have missed out, with the former receiving just 10mm on Thursday. Zhi-Weng Chua, duty forecaster at the BoM, said western parts of the state would remain largely dry on Friday and predicted only isolated showers in the northern tablelands. 'We're expecting heavy rainfall in the Sydney basin area on Friday, but that's not really going to affect areas further west,' Mr Chua said. He added, though, that Armidale in the central tablelands could see around 10mm of rain on Friday.

Friday, 05 October


Iranian Kurdish refugee scoops award for exposing island detentions "IndyWatch Feed National"


Journalist detained inside Australia's offshore system for refugees covers abuses and protests of fellow detainees


From the Channel 7 vault - archived footage of the late great Ron Casey "IndyWatch Feed National"

As our mate Jason Morrison says: From the Archives: when Ron Casey was THE most controversial man on radio. Stories from 1986 - 1989. A good insight into the public and private character of 'The Case' who was one of the funniest and decent blokes I got to work with....


Binance Coin Becomes the 14th Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap "IndyWatch Feed National"

Binance Coin (BNB) has positioned itself among the top 20 in the list of over 2000 cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap. In a recent tweet, Binance revealed that BNB has become the 14th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, which presently stands at over $1.2 billion.

BNB is Binances native coin with several use cases for holders which the company highlighted in a blog post published on its official Medium account. The cryptocurrency can be used for paying trading fees on Binance, spending on goods and services with Binances partner merchants and establishments, using as a gift token on social media services.

Coinmarketcap.coms 24-hour trading volume rankings for cryptocurrency exchanges show Binance at the top position, as the largest exchange by trading volume.

2018 Has Been an Eventful Year for Binance

From moving its heaquarters in Malta to making multi-million dollar venture capital investments, so far, 2018 has been a busy year for Binance. In March of this year, the company officially announced that it is moving its operations to Malta. The decision to make this move came as a response to the warning about the lack of an operating license from Japans financial watchdog, Financial Security Agency (FSA). In Malta, the company received a warm welcome from the Maltese Prime Minister and leader of the Labour Party, Joseph Muscat.

Earlier this week, Binance announced that it has invested USD$2.5 million in an Australian blockchain startup, TravelbyBit. With this partnership, Binance and Queensland-based TravelbyBit aim to expand the crypto-integrated point-of-sale (POS) payment system of TravelbyBit at airports around the world, which will enable merchants to to accept payments in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The duo will also facilitate travelers in booking their travel plans using cryptocurrencies.

In June this year, Binance Labs, the blockchain technology incubator run by Binace, made its first venture capital investment in Crowdequity platform, Republic. Republic raised $12 million in total from Binance Labs, NEO and several other companies. The investment came soon after Binance announced that it was setting up a $1 billion fund to support blockchain and cryptocurrency startups.......


Bitcoin Scammers Impersonating Tax Officials Net AU$50K in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed National"

Despite a scam alert issued by the Australian Taxation Office late last month, fraudsters impersonating employees of the tax body have still managed to con victims thousands of dollars. Per Australian newspaper reports, four victims have so far lost amounts totaling AU$50,000 on the understanding that they were settling a tax debt. According to detectives

The post Bitcoin Scammers Impersonating Tax Officials Net AU$50K in Melbourne appeared first on CCN


Retail bounces...a bit "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Retail bounces...a bit

Monthly retail turnover grew by a modest 0.3 per cent in August and 3.8 per cent over the year to $26.9 billion.

That's the fastest annual growth since May 2018, but as you can see this was largely driven by a low base effect and a negative print on the corresponding month from the prior year (click to expand images). 

Over the year some of the greatest gains were in discretionary spend: food retailing, eating out, and clothing and footwear. 

Expenditure on household goods is slowing in line with weaker housing construction data. 

And retail turnover grew by more than 6 per cent over the year in Victoria and Tasmania, but was far weaker in the resources states or territories. 

Online retail continues to account for a larger share of the pie, contributing 5.6 per cent of turnover, up from just 3.3 per cent two years earlier.

With petrol prices now rising and the new GST on low value imported items now kicking in, I expect retail volumes growth will only be modest in 2019. 



Towradgi man charged over attack "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

police 2

A TOWRADGI man will in appear in court next month after he allegedly assaulted an employee at a fast-food restaurant in Sylvania.

About 2.15am on Saturday, a 21-year-old man went to a fast-food restaurant at the intersection of Port Hacking Road and Princes Highway, and allegedly sprayed a fire extinguisher assaulting an employee.

Sutherland police were notified and commenced investigations.

The 23-year-old woman employee was not injured as a result of the incident.

Following inquiries, police went to a home on Murranar Road, Towradgi and spoke to a 21-year-old man about 9.20pm on Thursday.

The man was issued with a court attendance for common assault and destroying or damaging property.

He is due to appear at Sutherland Local Court on Thursday November 8.


Bellambi woman found dead "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Kristie Powell

Kristie Powell. Photo: supplied.

A CRIME scene has been established after the body of a woman was discovered in a Bellambi home today.

Emergency services were called to a home on Lorking Street after the badly battered body of 39-year-old Kristie Powell was found inside a bedroom about 1.10am.

The body had suffered serious injuries and her death is being treated as suspicious.

A baby boy was also found in the home uninjured.

Wollongong Police have commenced an investigation into the incident and the scene will be forensically examined.


A Lack of Integrity in Australian Journalism and Government Vaccination Policy "IndyWatch Feed National"

On the 23 September 2018 the Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Kylar Loussikian that provided derogatory and untruthful information about my academic research and my work as an expert witness in court cases. The journalist made no effort to research this article and he has quoted from an affidavit that is still due to be heard in the Federal Circuit Court in December 2018.

Loussikian has provided a description of my PhD as an immunisation conspiracy. These are his words not mine. My thesis provides extensive evidence of the influence of the pharmaceutical companies in every aspect of vaccine development from the clinical trials and safety surveillance in the population to the marketing and education of doctors, politicians and the public.

This evidence depicts an industry-bias in the underpinning science that governments are using to develop mandatory and coercive vaccination policies. This is not in the publics interest but Loussikian has chosen not to provide you with the evidence for this statement but rather to dismiss it as an immunisation conspiracy.

Loussikian has also incorrectly described me as a prominent (militant) anti-vaccination activist. This statement is untruthful. I present my academic research that supports the right for parents to choose how many vaccines they use in their own and their childrens bodies. This makes me someone who has investigated the medical literature and is arguing for choice in vaccination like all other medical procedures based on the scientific-evidence. 

Kylar Loussikian has falsely stated that the court case was heard before the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane earlier this year. This case is not due to be heard until December 2018 yet the journalist has been given a copy of my affidavit and he has quoted from it in the mainstream media.

He also states that Professor Peter McIntyre, the former director of the government Immunisation Research and Surveillance Centre (NCIRS) for 17 years, has been drafted to comment on my affidavit in the court proceedings. What Loussikian did not tell his readers was that Peter McIntyre has been drafted into the proceedings out of time. This is a breach of court proceedings.

Loussikian has provided false information about my qualifications to speak on the topic of vaccination. Firstly, there was no controversy about the awarding of my humanities degree in 2015. My PhD specialises in social medicine (an area of public health) and in 2011 when I started my degree this school was located in the Faculty of Law, Humanities (Social Sciences) and the Arts. The UOW moved public health to the new Faculty of Social Sciences in 2014. Secondly, his claim that I have no academic qualifications in medicine is false. My degree specialises in Social Medicine which is the field of medicine that i...


Australia - Letters to the editor "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Fluoride is not the answer

Re Star article Fluoride back for Council debate (Sep 25).
There is nothing like a glass of cool, clear water to quench ones thirst.
But the next time you or your child reaches for one, you might want to question whether that water is in fact too toxic to drink.


Fierce Economic Warfare Behind the Scramble for Rare Earth Minerals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Wayne Madsen Just like the gold rushes of California between 1848 and 1855, Canadas Klonike of 1896 to 1899, and Western Australias of the 1890s, the world is experiencing a frenzy to obtain mining rights in pursuit of todays gold, namely rare earth minerals. Used for components of electric vehicle batteries, mobile telephones, flat-screen televisions,...

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