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Friday, 23 February


Nikki Haley was magnificent - again - at the UN "IndyWatch Feed National"

While Julie Bishop doles out money to terrorists: This is what they teach their kids. Kids mimic what they see. Hamas ensures a violent adulthood when it promotes this content on TV IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) February 22, 2018 And this is how someone with character handles it.


Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin - internet troll on our website - must be dismissed. Today. "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin. Yesterday he admitted to Neil Mitchell on 3AW that he was the author of vulgar comments in our story concerning a win a good copper, Paul Mullet had in court over Christine Nixon. The Age reported that story yesterday. Guerin created a...

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Thursday, 22 February


Civil society decries FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 


Barnaby Joyce: The Very Model Of A Modern Major Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Barnaby Joyce and the affair that refuses to quit. Literally and figuratively. Against his better judgement, Ross Hamilton enters the fray.

I was going to stay right out of the Barnaby Joyce kerfuffle. Mr B. Rooter has done an excellent job of providing plenty of fodder for better writers than me. But the Purple Vegetables latest press statements make one thing clear. The Leader of the National Party, our Deputy Prime Minister, simply Does. Not. Get. It.

From the moment the news broke about Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion, his hypocrisy has been blatant. For all his blather during the Same Sex Marriage debate about the sanctity of marriage and so forth, he was having it off on the side with one of his staff.

Bloody hypocrite.

No wonder even his daughters were allegedly telling people during the New England by-election to vote for anyone but him. The Australian also recently reported that the Nationals even considered dropping Joyce for the by-election because of his relationship with Campion.

There certainly is a morality issue here. And that is for Barnaby to sort out. Nor am I simplistic enough to think Joyce is the only MP or Senator having a bit on the side with staff or other inappropriate relationships. Where did Bill Shorten meet his second wife?

The Purple Vegetables story keeps falling apart. Take for example his freebie accommodation courtesy of his mate Greg Maguire. Joyce keeps insisting that he did not ask for that freebie, that Maguire was just helping him as mates do for each other. Yet other reports in other news outlets have Maguire denying he offered the accommodation but instead it was Joyce who approached him.

Other reports note that staff from Joyces office contacted Maguire on Joyces behalf. It also emerged that the townhouse the happy couple are living in was on the market for some three years only to be abruptly taken off the market for Barney and Vik to move in.

If Joyce or his staff did indeed ask Maguire for that freebie, then he was in breach of Ministerial standards, something he steadfastly denies. Yet Maguires denial adds considerable fuel to that particular fire under Joyces feet.

In 2017, in the period after Joyce says he became estranged from his wife, there were plenty of travel bucks being spent. But with Joyce claiming he was estranged from his wife, how much of that travel included paying for seats and accommodation for his girlfriend? Not looking good for Joyce, especially after the happy couple were spotted holidaying together around Christmas time. Of course, if Barney has only spent his own money on that, then that is just fine and dandy. But how often do our Federal pollies go anywhere without the public paying for at least part of it e.g. rental cars?



EMF Readings in My House This Morning "IndyWatch Feed National"

They obviously didnt like my post yesterday but it wasnt only the truth- it was logical.

The only reason I can say that Im still standing is that our Father seems to be helping me. And considering Billy Graham just died- and Fiona Barnett called him out as one of her primary abusers like Anthony Kidman- seems God is finally fulfilling his promises and is now in the process of claiming them.


So-Called Australia: Break Away From Break Free A Critique of the Environmental NGO Model of Organizing Direct Action (PDF) "IndyWatch Feed National"



Two minutes after getting on a minibus headed for Newcastle, the person seated next to me tugged at their friends arm in mild distress.

Noo, I forgot the selfie stick!

Without putting any blame on this individual, this brief interaction had already captured the essence of this protest for me. Truthfully, I already had an idea of what it was going to be like from past involvement in actions run by groups such as Direct Action Melbourne and, as well as from the communications hype in the lead-up. But I had gone on this trip to find out if my suspicions were warranted.

We were going to take part in a mass flotilla of kayaks which would block a shipping channel in Newcastle, home to the worlds largest coal port, preventing coal ships from leaving and entering. Signups happened online when the invitation was initially shared through 350.orgs email list and facebook promotions. Since then we had been kept in constant contact about logistics, shown inspirational videos and excitedly told about the well-known musicians and politicians who would be there on the day.

As we headed towards the Hume, the driver tried to break the ice by gauging everyones spirits onboard. How are we all feeling this morning?

So happy!, Excited!, came the replies.

Yes Were creating histo...


Petro Gold Spawned After El Petros $735 Million Sales "IndyWatch Feed National"

Venezuelan president Maduro announces countries second commodity backed cryptocurrency Petro Gold the day after El Petros initial private sale raised $735 Million.

Maduro Doubles Down With Petro Gold

Once again President Nicolas Maduro took the podium to announce a government-owned cryptocurrency. This time instead of oil its the Petro Gold which is to be backed by precious metals.

Next week Im going to launch the petro gold, backed by gold, which is even more powerful, that will strengthen the petro, Maduro said in a televised speech. The Petro which launched on Tuesday is reported to have raised $735 Million dollars on its first day of private sales.

Scheduled to be capped at 100 million tokens with an initial sales price of $60 roughly the price of a barrel of oil the government could raise up to $6 billion if the Petro succeeds in selling out. So far 824 million tokens have been made available.

It is not yet clear whether the Petro Gold is to be backed by gold held in reserves or the countries gold resources. In fact, no details about the new currency were given besides that it would launch next week. This sudden announcement doesnt help the already highly criticized Petro and the Governments intentions for creating it.

Problems With The Petro

Widely seen as a poorly thought out solution to boost the floundering Venezuelan economy, where the fiat currency has been in a free fall for several years and inflation rates are as high as 600%, the Petro has been called a stunt and bogus currency by financial experts.

The Petro is really a top-down hierarchically controlled asset, and its much more akin to a new way to tokenize oil. When the first gold ETF appeared, they werent considered gold, but a different way of packaging the commodity. With Petro, we really have a new wrapper around oil.

Chris Burniske of venture capital firm Placeholder told Bloomberg.

Maduro himself now admits that the Petro was created in part as a way to skirt US backed economic sanctions against the country. While the US Treasury Department has warned investors that by buying the Petro they themselves could become subject to the same sanctions as creditors to the government.

The Petro Gold is not the first cryptocurrency backed by gold. The RMG backed by the Royal Mint in Britain was fi...


Swiss Ball Fitball Therapy and Training "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fitball Therapy and Training Australia. Fitness in a ball for fitness, health, and wellness. Fitball Australia manufactures and supplies fitball exercise balls in Australia and worldwide.


PERTH Perth: Man appears in court on Perth train station fire charge "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth: Man appears in court on Perth train station fire charge .

February 22, 2018 at 05:30PM .

DONALD James Ranger (34) will face Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on February 28 on charges of setting fire to the Perth Train Station building this week. Police charged Mr Ranger with criminal damage, burglary and destruction of property after he allegedly set fire to the building about 3am on .



The day Billy Graham transfixed a massive MCG crowd "IndyWatch Feed National"

Theres a video of the crowds and Bill Graham preaching at the MCG on-line.

ABC News Australia

The day Billy Graham transfixed a massive MCG crowd

22 February 2018

RELATED STORY: Billy Graham, evangelical preacher dubbed Americas Pastor, dies aged 99

It was the day the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground was truly sacred.

In 1959, evangelical preacher Billy Graham embarked on his month-long crusade of Australia.

But it was his appearance at the MCG on March 15, 1959, that was one of the true showstoppers, attracting more than 130,000 people.

To this day, it is the biggest crowd that has ever been recorded at the ground.

There were people everywhere, even spilling on to the grass. That was unheard of at the time, Ray Spriggs, 73, said.

It was quite extraordinary.

Mr Spriggs remembers boarding the special Billy Graham train as a 14-year-old with the rest of his family from his home in Reservoir in Melbournes north to make the journey to the MCG.

He recalls sitting high up in the stadium stands, and says the woman next to him offered him her opera glasses so he could take a closer look at the spectacle.

He does not remember much of Grahams sermon, but the magical sounds of the choir and the joyous atmosphere of the event have stayed with him.

I was only a kid of 14 at the time, but it was just great to see so many people together in the one place, he said.

I felt God speaking to me

For many people, seeing Graham preach at the MCG was life-changing.

Geoff Gawler, 68, went to see Graham with his family on his 10th birthday.

I do remember it because that was the time I made a deal with God. I decided to follow him that day, he said.

That was a big decision for a 10-yaer-old and I dont at all regret it, in all the years since.



Philip Ruddock on $1440 a day to inquire into freedom of religion "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Philip Ruddock, Chair of the Federal Governments Panel on Religious Freedom, is being paid $1440 a day for the role, according to documents tabled this week on behalf of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC).

Ruddock, entitled to a Parliamentary pension estimated to be worth $215,000 a year, also attracts a mayoral allowance of $65,230 in his capacity as Mayor of Hornsby, after his election to that position in September 2017.

On being appointed to the role, Ruddock reportedly told Sky News that he did not know if he was getting paid for the role and he was not interested in the money.

The panel was established in November 2017, in the midst of the debate on the marriage equality legislation before the Commonwealth Parliament. It has been asked to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion.

The Panel has invited submissions, and is undertaking consultation by way of a series of private meetings with selected stakeholders, in preference to public hearings. It is due to report to the Prime Minister by 31 March 2018. However, each member of the panel has been appointed to a term expiring on 27 April 2018.



Why Exactly Is It That We Cant Discuss Barnabys Actual Affair? "IndyWatch Feed National"

For a long time, the Australian gut reaction to revelations like those in the Joyce affair is thats private. Melissa ODonnell very much thinks otherwise.

Some three weeks into this Barnaby Joyce saga, the issue has been dissected every which way. From the political strings and taxpayer money he has used and abused; to the Ministerial codes of conduct that he somehow has not broken; and the hypocrisy of his supposed position on family values.

Yet there is one conversation we as a collective seem to have decided is wholly off limits, in that it cannot be raised without caveat and is invariably dismissed out-of-hand as a matter of his private life.

That is, a conversation about the affair itself.

In fact, therein lies one of the most frustrating aspects of this whole controversy. Namely, that the standards of what is private life and what is relevant to Mr Joyces capacity as a leader (and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, no less) are determined by what behaviours old (and not so old) white, heterosexual men consider meet and are relevant to those respective standards.

And, everyone else just falls into line behind that.

It is utterly repellent that this man can treat so many women so appallingly and still think it is his right to dig in his heels, call this a witch-hunt, play the victim card and not understand at all both the hypocrisy and the duplicitousness of his behaviour.

Given his now partner is due in April, given she was moved from his office April 2017, given she was the only member of his media team he kept when he became Deputy Prime Minister in July 2016 and given she broke off her engagement to her now ex-fianc just three months before their wedding in August 2016, it is reasonable to suggest that this affair has been going on for quite some time, in one form or another. And, it defies logic that other people have not known about it for a similarly inordinate period of time. All long before his wife and daughters knew. And certainly well before it was considered at all relevant for the Australian electorate to know.

But what part of this behaviour is not relevant to Mr Joyces character as a leader and politician?

While the assumption that half of Canberra is engaging in the same behaviour and therefore needs it to be similarly off limits is an explanation in part certainly Bill Shortens second marriage must come to mind, and its not an unreasonable view that it goes some way to explaining why hes not going half as hard as he could on this.



More forced removals an offensive kneejerk reaction: There are much better ways to help kids in danger "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 22 February 2018

By Ross Womersley, CEO of The South Australian Council of Social Service
In light of the heartbreaking alleged rape of a toddler in Tennant Creek the kneejerk reaction including in a prominent column in The Advertiser today has been to call for even more Aboriginal children to be removed from their parents. 


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00008 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.30 AUD


Consumers could be winners in energy election "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service has welcomed the latest round of energy policy announcements today, and says that consumers could end up being the real winners in a state election focused on energy. 

Nick Xenophon today launched the SA Best Energy Policy  - which includes a community-owned electricity retailer as well as a move to review the energy concession - while the Labor Party announced interest-free loans for household solar energy.


The Divine Church Of The Open Sky Vol. 2 from Archer, is Eastside Radios Album Of The Week (15-21 Feb) "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Theres not much information floating around about Archer. Hes a Victorian singer-songwriter whos recording some brilliant alt-country with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour. This album, The Divine Church Of The Open Sky Vol 2 refused to leave my mind since it arrived at Eastside late last year, and the more I keep coming back to it the better it sounds.

This is from his page at Pound Records:

well you woodnt call him smart but you woodnt call him stupid neither he does have sum kindofa way about himweather he be damned or blessed he certanly can pull a song outta the deep earth or the spaceless space and make you wanta cry or yell or just about any plain ol thing

This is off his previous album, but will give you an idea of the style:

Hes due at the station for an interview in the next couple of weeks so youll get to hear from him yourself. Hes been communicating with us in character via email so were amused, intrigued, and looking forward to meeting the man, the enigma, in the flesh.

You can listen to and purchase the new album here at Bandcamp, stream it here on Spoti...


What Happens When Doctors Discover the Delayed Effects of Cancer Treatments? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Chart from Dr Armitages article (adapted photo Medadvisor)

by Mary W Maxwell

I am not a physician. I have absolutely nothing to offer in personal research about the delayed effects of cancer treatments. The article at hand is only a regurgitation of James Armitages 2010 article, published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), plus a bit of commentary as to the sequelae of his publication.

My general theme is: even when it is noted that a treatment may have harmful effects, the medical industry does not publicize that fact.

Recently, a friend asked me to recall what I had said about delayed effects in my 2013 book, Consider the Li...


Rage, rage against the factory closure "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 1 May 2017, May Day International Workers Day Australian dairy giant Murray Goulburn announced that they were shutting factories across Victoria and Tasmania, slashing jobs and devastating communities. Faye and Julie, two National Union of Workers delegates working at the Edith Creek site in North-West Tasmania, shared their responses to the closure.


US Embassy in Montenegro under attack - the Embassy confirms "active security situation" "IndyWatch Feed National"

At 00:30, in front of the @USEmbassyMNE building in #Podgorica, #Montenegro an unknown person committed suicide with an explosive device. Immediately before, that person threw an explosive device from the intersection near the Sport Center into the US Embassy compound. (1 of 2) Govt. of Montenegro (@MeGovernment) February 22,...


My plans for the next couple of weeks. "IndyWatch Feed National"

I will be travelling from tomorrow until 0530 on Sunday. Over the next week or so I plan to meet with a couple of now retired former government officials. Like Dave McAlpine, they have plenty to say about The AWU Scandal - and they'll keep up the momentum for fresh...


Euroa loves singing for its supper: Di Mackrell and the enduring appeal of Vocal Nosh "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Word of mouth plays a big part in recruiting singers to the Euroa Vocal Nosh,* an informal community singing group run regularly for almost seventeen years and counting. That and the fear of missing out

One evening last year, a couple were driving past Strathbogie church where one of the Nosh leaders, Di Mackrell was holding a session of the Strathbogie singers. Seeing a significant number of parked cars along the roadside, the couple pulled up to find out what was going on and were invited in by one of the choir members, whom they happened to know. In the funny fateful way life sometimes has, this pique of curiosity brought them straight into a setting where one of them would later find unexpected closure.

Having been told by a teacher to mime not sing at the age of just five, this womans confidence in her ability had remained squashed flat for her entire life. Once they stepped into the Strathbogies session, it wasnt long before Di had them joining in with the singing.

You should have seen her face at the end of that choir session, it was just beaming. Then I had this little thought that maybe Vocal Nosh might be something theyd be interested in and I dropped a program into their mail box   they came to the next session and were just blown away by it and theyve lived in Euroa longer than I have

Like most singing leaders, Di encounters singers who have lost confidence because of cruel or thoughtless comments made in the past all the time. Being able to turn this around is heart-warming for everyone.

It just makes me think YEEEEEESSS! Thats what its all about!!!

Di Mackrell is a little bit biased about the transformative power of Euroa Vocal Nosh with good reason and actually, this is where the story starts.

At the final 2017 session of Euroa Vocal Nosh, there were 26 singers in the room which prompted Di to celebrate and reflect on the magic of this phenomenon which has been a regular fixture on the community music calendar there, for sixteen years.

The group was established in 2001, but Di didnt take a central role until one of the original leaders had to move away and a second leader felt it was too much continue running alone.

I didnt think that I could ever lead a group but I thought, well, I dont want it to stop either!

Di then attended a series of CMVic leadership training days during the early 2000s, which she says were just amazing. For repertoire, the group uses the CMVic Songbooks and lots of recordings from the older training days, as well as songs shared more re...


Pampers nappy scandal - babies crapping on squiggles that look like the Arab word Muhammad! "IndyWatch Feed National"

A MUSLIM group has called for the makers of Pampers nappies to be arrested after spotting Mohammed spelled in the whiskers of the brands mascot Frank Chung@franks_chung FEBRUARY 22, 20181:07PM PAMPERS is facing a furry fatwa after a Muslim group claimed to have seen the word Mohammed spelled out...


The Coming Banking Crisis & The End of Bailouts "IndyWatch Feed National"

Behind the curtain, there is a growing concern about a serious banking crisis beginning once again in Europe. Many governments are talking about the crisis behind-the-curtain and we are now beginning to see steps that are being taken to end the TO-BIG-TO-FAIL policies that dominated the 2007-2009 Crash.

The United States is looking at a new radical bank rescue policy where the government is proposing to revise a central pillar of the idea of bailing out banks creating new financial regulation with a new Chapter 14 bankruptcy procedure. They are looking at eliminating the risk of taxpayers costs to bail out banks. They are investigating the means for an orderly resolution so that the taxpayers do not have to bail out the banks. This development is causing some concern among the high-flying Wall Street banks, for if that is the case, then another crisis as 2007-2009 will result in even Goldman Sachs closing. The proposal looks to shift the burden to the shareholders and creditors of that bank. This means depositors who are thus creditors.

In Australia, we see similar legislation being proposed. This is the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017. This also authorizes bail-ins bringing an end to the bailout.



AWU Scandal #2 most popular story in The Australian online today "IndyWatch Feed National"

That's an outstanding reflection of popular sentiment, particularly given that the story is somewhat buried way down the page under The Nation tab. I reckon we could get Dave McAlpine admitted to honorary membership of the former Victorian coppers Old & Bold Guild - motto TJF.


Unions respond to the publication of the full TPP text "IndyWatch Feed National"

22 February, 2018: Yesterday the New Zealand government published the full text of the Comprehensive Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) agreement, which Australia and 10 other countries intend to sign on March 8 in Chile, along with a National Interest Analysis of the deal. As Fairfaxs Peter Martin writes, the Australian government will not release their analysis of the deal, done by the Department that negotiated it,  until after the signing ceremony. The government is still rejecting calls for an independent analysis.

However, NZ Council of Trade Unions (CTU) economist Bill Rosenberg says the New Zealand governments analysis of the deal is deeply flawed. There is no analysis of health or environmental risks posed by the CPTPP, and it assumes that working people will find new employment immediately when their jobs are displaced. Mr Rosenberg says:

Like previous studies, its estimates of gains in GDP are tiny - a one-off gain of between 0.3% and 1% of GDP in 16 years time. Even these small benefits are unlikely to be evenly spread. At the same time, citizens risk losing our ability to use government purchasing and our state-owned enterprises for the public good. We need to retain our ability to drive the economy towards higher wage, higher value industries like the local processing of New Zealand timber and other materials.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions made similar criticisms of the CPTPP. ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly said the deal puts corporate profit ahead of jobs and wages and will allow companies to exploit more temporary migrant workers and allow foreign companies to sue the Australian government over domestic laws. Yesterday AFTINET called for independent studies of the economic and social impacts of the CPTPP, and for a Senate inquiry that can critically assess whether the deal is in the public interest.


PNG police forced removal of refugees from Port Moresby to Manus reveals resettlement farce "IndyWatch Feed National"


This article comes from the Refugee Action Coalition (Sydney)  21 February 2018.

In the early hours of Tuesday, 20 February, police arrested up to 13 refugees who had been living Aku Lodge.

They were being forcibly returned to Manus Island, but for unconfirmed reasons there was a problem with the plane. The refugees are now being held at another lodge in Port Moresby surrounded by up to 50 PNG police. Their mobile phones have been confiscated.

It is expected that the refugees will be moved to Manus Island once alternative transport can be arranged.

The refugees had been living at Aku for up to two years, after being moved from Manus Island, supposedly to be resettled in Port Moresby or further afield in PNG.

The refugees have simply subsisted in Aku since being relocated there no jobs; no welfare program; no trauma counselling not even the basic elements of what might comprise anything resembling a resettlement program. Essentially they became prisoners in the lodge, at risk of being robbed and assaulted if they ventured outside.

But their arrest and forced relocation back to Manus provides official confirmation that, contrary to the claims made by Minister Dutton, there are no PNG resettlement arrangements.

In 2016, there was an attempt to resettle six refugees in Lae. None are still living on Lae. Faced with the deprived circumstances in Lae in terms of jobs, health and safety three of the refugees actually made their way back to Manus Island and attempted to move back into the detention centre.

This forced relocation of refugees to Manus from Port Moresby puts the lie to the Ministers suggestion that refugees can be resettled in PNG, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, The Minister cant hide behind that lie any longer.

There is no resettlement in PNG, and the shonky US deal will not provide resettlement places for all the refugees on Manus and Nauru. There is an urgent need for all the asylum seekers and refugees to be brought to Australia, where they can get the safety and protection they need.

The post PNG police forced removal of refugees from Port Moresby to Manus reveals resettlement farce appeared first on The Pen.


Whodunnit to whom? A case for language preservation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dyirbal is now spoken by just twenty-nine speakers. Languages in decline have their own complexities. In their book Vanishing Voices: The extinction of the worlds languages, Daniel Nettle and Susan Domain explain how Dyirbal previously contained very specific terms which are now lost. Many terms for big existed, depending on what was being described. A big eel required a different term to a big turkey, different again was a big tree.


MACKAY Mackay man threatens to light petrol station on fire "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 22, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

Mackay man threatens to light petrol station on fire

February 22, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

A MACKAY man threatened to light a petrol station on fire after convincing himself his car had disappeared from the business. However, Ben Claude McConnell did not drive his car to the BP on Shakespeare St in the first place. McConnell, 42, fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday, pleading

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


American school students act and take lead on guns "IndyWatch Feed National"


Contributed by Joe Montero

The young American students standing up against the ongoing epidemic of mass shootings in the United States are inspiring the nation and the world.

For years now, politicians, often bankrolled by the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been blocking any action to put a top to the carnage.

For the rest of the world it is bewildering how a nation that considers itself civilised can accept the manipulation of the legacy of the War of Independence, after which the right of citizens to defend themselves against aggression was written into the constitution, as a vehicle to make it alright for anyone to have and use weapons that are obviously designed for war.

But on the wake of the latest shooting in a Parkland High school in Florida, something new has happened. Young survivors have raised their voices. Tired of the cycle of condolences and prayers for the dead, talk about doing something to stop the killing and then nothing happening, they have had enough and are creating  movement to make the difference. What they are in fact saying is that they have lost trust in their political leaders and have come to realise that they must rely on their own efforts. Parents and teachers are backing the students actions.

Student David Hogg became the face of the new movement, after a video clip he recorded, while he and other students were hiding from the shooter in a classroom. The 17 -year old, appealed for something to be done about gun control and said the situation showed that the country was broken. The impact was immediate and the video went viral.


Photo by Steve DSousa CBC: David Hogg














Students from Parkland and other schools around the country are organising rallies and other actions, and these are now dogging politicians and officials wherever they go.



Unwinding the politically induced crisis in Australian energy "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

More grist! From an article of mine in The Australian on the politically induced crisis in Australian energy, its causes and its solutions

The catastrophic outcome of government energy market interventions is palpably clear. As the latest new regulatory body, the Energy Security Board, diplomatically puts it: Fifteen years of climate policy instability (have) left our energy system vulnerable to escalating prices while being both less reliable and secure.

Australia has seen electricity prices double since 2015 and the once reliable supply is now suspect. From enjoying the worlds lowest cost electricity a decade ago, Australia now has among the most expensive.

The main cause has been subsidies and regulatory favours to renewable energy chiefly wind that have forced the closure of reliable coal-fired generators, particularly Northern in South Australia and Hazelwood in Victoria. Without these subsidies, costing about $5 billion a year, there would be no wind or solar. Not only are customers and taxpayers slugged with the subsidy costs but the outcome also has been to raise prices and reduce reliability.

The ESB has been tasked with creating an electricity market blueprint that marries lower carbon dioxide emissions with lower costs and greater reliability. This is an impossible task and would require massive new regulatory interventions.

The ESBs proposals would add new dimensions of complexity to electricity supply, bringing a further proliferation of administrative resources within the bureaucracy and the industry.

We can restore our latent competitiveness in cheap energy only by abandoning all the intrusions and distortions that are in place. Donald Trump has achieved success from such an approach and we may have to await full recognition of this before our politicians adopt similar deregulatory policies.

In the same issue, Rupert Darwall has a very fine piece today in Quadrant.



BEHIND BARS PART 4: Australias Shocking Cruelty To Aboriginal People With Disabilities: Overcrowding, No Medical Treatment, No Accessibility "IndyWatch Feed National"

The abuse of Aboriginal prisoners with disabilities in Australian jails is confronting, and ongoing. In Part 4 of this special 5-part series for New Matilda, Michael Brull looks at the conditions prisoners are forced to live in, exposed in a report written by Human Rights Watch. You can read parts 1, 2 and 3 here, here and here.

I have to wear a nappy every day. I dont feel like a man; I feel like my dignity is taken away. I cant use the shower without a carer. Last Saturday, I needed a shower and it lead to an argument with the officer because he refused [to help me]. He mocked: Poor me, poor me, guy in wheelchair and downgraded me wickedly. Aboriginal prisoner quoted in the HRW report.

The sadistic way Aboriginal people with disabilities are treated (part 1 and 2) in prison could be reformed and limited with basic reforms and proper training. Solitary confinement is used at least in part because prisons and prison guards are not equipped to deal with people with disabilities, though the criminal justice system has effectively criminalised many of them.

But what is important to stress is that a great deal of the problems ultimately stem from systemic underfunding of prisons. They are not funded in a way that allows them to properly care for the people they incarcerate. Many members of the public probably regard this with an indifferent shrug, whilst some would presumably feel a vengeful satisfaction at criminals getting what they deserve.

The result of this underfunding is major overcrowding. It is lack of accessibility for the diverse and sometimes complex needs of people with disabilities. It is the lack of medical services for people who need medical care. And it is staff who are under-trained, who are expected to control the inmates in overflowing prisons, rather than treating them humanely. Able-bodied and healthy prisoners may be able to cope with prison guards being inconsiderate, abusive, and worse. For people with disabilities, the results can range from humiliating, to dangerous.




Dinosaurs and birds locomotion "IndyWatch Feed National"

This 2016 video is called Dinosaur Walk Theory Video.

From PLOS:

Locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs might be predicted from that of ground-running birds

BIRDS Model uses just two inputs to predict terrestrial locomotion in extinct avian and non-avian dinosaurs

February 21, 2018

A new model based on ground-running birds could predict locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs based on their speed and body size, according to a study published February 21, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Peter Bishop from the Queensland Museum, Australia and colleagues.

Previous research has investigated the biomechanics of ground-dwelling birds to better understand the how bipedal non-avian dinosaurs moved, but it has not previously been possible to empirically predict the locomotive forces that extinct dinosaurs experienced, especially those species that were much larger than living birds. Bishop and colleagues examined locomotion in 12 species of ground-dwelling birds, ranging in body mass from 45g to 80kg, as the birds moved at various speeds along enclosed racetracks while cameras recorded their movements and forceplates measured the forces their feet exerted upon the ground.

The researchers found that many physical aspects of bird locomotion change continuously as speed increases. This supports previous evidence that unlike humans, who have distinct walking and running gaits, birds move in a continuum from walking to running. The authors additionally observed consistent differences in gait and posture between small and large birds.

The researchers used their data to construct the biomechanically informative, regression-derived statistical (BIRDS) Model, which requires just two inputs body mass and speed to predict basic features of bird locomotion, including stride length and force exerted per step. The model performed well when tested against known data. While more data are needed to improve the mode...


Julie Bishop talking with famous people at London Fashion Week "IndyWatch Feed National"

Talking sustainable fashion with Duchess of Cambridge at #BuckinghamPalace #FashionExchange bringing together designers and artisans from 53 #Commonwealth nations #LondonFashionWeek Julie Bishop (@JulieBishopMP) February 21, 2018


Community Billboard 21st February 27th February "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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Channel 7 News with more on the AWU Scandal conspiracy today "IndyWatch Feed National"

A retired police detective is calling for a fresh inquiry into an alleged conspiracy between former union bosses and construction executives. He says he was about to visit Slater and Gordon, @JuliaGillard's law office, when I was abruptly stopped. #AWU #7News 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) February 21, 2018


Joyce tells Australia its time to move on "IndyWatch Feed National"

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion, the mother of his unborn child, believe its time to move on after a tumultuous fortnight during which their relationship was made public.

In their first interview as a couple, Mr Joyce, 50, and Ms Campion, 33, also revealed theyll have to leave their rent-free apartment in Armidale, NSW, to protect their privacy.

The Nationals leader told Fairfax Media that questions about their private life had bordered on maliciousness.Its like I cant get you so Im gonna throw anything, he said.

Mr Joyce, who has four daughters with his estranged wife of 24 years, Natalie, also confirmed their baby due in April is a boy.

The one thing that has deeply annoyed me is that there is somehow an inference that this child is somehow less worthy than other children, and its almost spoken about in the third person, he said.

I love my daughters. I have four beautiful daughters and I love them to death. And now I will have a son.

Ms Campion, who refused to be photographed during the Fairfax interview, gave only one on-the-record comment to say her sons middle names would honour her two brothers.

She also rejected suggestions she was paid up to $190,000 while working for two Nationals MPs after she left Mr Joyces office in 2017 and produced pay slips showing she earned between $133,000 and $138,000, Fairfax said.

Mr Joyce is currently on personal leave as he fends off calls for him to step down as Nationals leader or leave politics after his extramarital affair was made public.

Acting prime minister Mathias Cormann again admitted the scandal has been a distraction for the government.

But he reminded people there are human beings at the centre, who are trying to move on.

Senator Cormann, who is filling in for Malcolm Turnbull who is in the US, said he has been able to speak to the deputy prime minister after first leaving him a voicemail.

We had a very good conversation. He was cooking spaghetti at the time we talked, he told reporters in Canberra.

Some of the public pressure is incredibly intense not just on Barnaby but also his family, his kids and his new partner, and yes its a distraction for the government but theres some human beings involved.

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Drinking soft drink linked to cancer risk "IndyWatch Feed National"

Soft drinks are being linked to cancer. File photo

People who regularly consume at least one soft drink a day, no matter the size of their waist, could be at increased risk of cancer, according to a new study.

Researchers at Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne analysed more than 3000 cases of 11 obesity-related cancers including breast, liver and prostate reported between 1990-1994 and 2003-2007 through The Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study.

Published on Thursday, the study found a positive association between soft drink consumption and cancer risk independent of obesity after statistically adjusting for waist circumference.

The authors say the results justify the need to minimise the intake of sugar-sweetened soft drinks.Initially our hypothesis was that drinking soft drinks would cause obesity which would then cause an association with obesity-related cancers but we found that there was more beyond the affect of obesity, said lead researcher, Associate Professor Allison Hodge of Cancer Council Victorias Cancer Epidemiology and Intelligence Division.

These particular cancers are commonly associated with obesity, however, our research found this risk existed for all participants, no matter their size, said Professor Hodge.

According to the research, the more sugary soft drinks participants drank the higher their risk of cancer.

However, this was not the case with those who drank diet soft drinks, suggesting sugar could be the key, says Professor Hodge.Professor Hodge says the surprising findings warrant further research.

We definitely would like to see these findings confirmed in other studies and then also to understand something about the mechanism and whether sugar could be a driver of this association, said Professor Hodge.

Cancer Council Victoria CEO Todd Harper says this new research provides another reason for Australians to avoid soft drinks and make the switch to water.

Sugary drinks, including soft drinks, are already known to be a cause of obesity, which greatly increases the risk of 13 types of cancer, said Mr Harper.

And cancer is just one of many chronic health conditions associated with sugary drink consumption- including increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay.



February 22 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1701 - Roebuck, the Royal Navy vessel on which William Dampier sailed to and explored the coast of New Holland including the Abrolhos islands and Shark Bay, was leaking and falling apart when she slowly and quiety sank in six metres of water at Ascension island in the Atlantic.

1791 - James Ruse was a clever little dicky-bird and proved he could sustain himself with the first land grant at Rose Hill on the bush block he dubbed Experiment Farm.

1796 -  Hawkesbury settlers agreed they will assemble for mutual protection when Aboriginal people were seen near their farms.
It has been intimated to the governor, that two white men had been frequently seen with the natives and
were supposed to direct and assist in those acts of hostility by which the settlers had lately suffered, writes Collins.
The two renegades, Wilson and Knight have shown the Darug that English muskets, once discharged, are useless until reloaded. This, says Collins, effectually removed that terror of our fire-arms with which it had been our constant endeavour to inspire them.

1805 - James Lovell was Hanged for forging and uttering (NSW).

1838 - William Moore was publicly hanged in High St Maitland for the murder of his master John Hoskyns.

1855 - There was order in the court for the trial of the 13 miners who lead the Eureka Stockade and who were charged with High Tea, High Tide and High Treason.

1867 - Royal Commission into the best means of clearing the Murray River presented its final report to Parliament.
Hmph, 5 mins in the country and they've soiled the mighty Murray already.

1874 - A number of Aboriginal men descended from the hill behind the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station and fatally speared the Station Master and a linesman.
The Kaytetye say the attack was in response to the theft of their land and the exploitation of the women by the new settlers. Reprisal was swift and severe and many innocent Aboriginal people were killed in the months following the event.

1879 - The Aussie artist, author and sculptor who scandalised society, Norman Lindsay, was found in a Bunyip nest.

1889 - Southern Cross was an iron steamship who was impaled amidships by an uncharted rock right in the middle of the fairway off Rocky Cape, north-west Tasmania, about half a mile offshore. Crew and passengers were saved with assistance from SS Herbert. It was hoped she may be saved with the rising tide, but it was not to be. Some gear was salvaged but all passenger luggage was lost.

1901 - Leading Aussie film pioneer Ken Hall was bumped into the world. Producing many films for both Aussie and overseas studios he gave us many Aussie classics that are still watched today.

1910 - The black hole in the ground, the W...


Typical government gun control FAILURE! Typical crime control FAILURE!!! Tougher sentences required! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our government is quick to punish law abiding citizens if they use a gun for self defence, & they continue to hassle us with further useless & pointless gun control legislation. They say they want to stop crime & make Australia a safer place, but the proof of their lies is in the sentencing of real criminals.


Junior cricketers host Sale-Maffra "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

The LDCA Under 13 team that took on Sale-Maffra on Sunday at Scorpion Park on the turf.

THE LDCAs Under 12s and 13s took on Sale-Maffra at Scorpion Park on Sunday with the Under 13s on turf and the Under 12s on the synthetic pitch.
The Under 13s coached by Sam Mathews lost the toss and bowled first with Tom Hanily and Ryan Sinclair taking the new four piece ball and it was Sinclair who made an early break through.
A nice run out led to two quick wickets and suddenly Sale-Maffra were 4/64.
The fielding was excellent with two more run outs both direct hits by Lachie Gill and Noah Humphrey but some steady batting late from Sale-Maffra pushed the score to 8/136 off 40 overs.
Lachie Gill had two direct hits, Tom Hanily a run out to the keeper and Noah Humphrey a direct hit and an assisted run out in a great fielding effort.
After lunch Ben Hanrahan and Jack Butcher opened the batting for Leongatha and made a good solid start until Jack was lbw for 5.
The Leongatha batsmen couldnt seem to get comfortable at the crease with wickets falling at regular intervals leading to the team being bowled all out 110.
Most batsmen made a start but with a push for quick runs this led to a few of the dismissals. Overall a solid effort with the bat considering for some this was their first time on turf.
Next week the Under 13s play Warragul at the Drouin Football Ground on a synthetic pitch, 10am start, be there at 9am.
The under 12s under coach Lachie Hughes with support from Ken Scrimshaw and his wife Kim scoring, plus parents helping with umpiring.
Lachie spoke to all the boys after each spell of bowling and batting explaining measures to help their game.
Sale-Maffra won the toss and batted with Will Croatto and Hayden Burns taking the new ball and they bowled well from their three overs each.
Wickets were hard to come by but the boys were still lively in the field.
Four of the first five Sale-Maffra batsman retired with Zavier Lamers taking the first wicket clean bowled and from there they gradually picked up wickets.
Sale-Maffra finished 7/141 off 35 overs.
After lunch Harry Hoekstra and Zavier Lamers opened the batting followed by Harry Scrimshaw 13, and Rex Parini 18 the top scorers in a solid batting effort with the score tied on 141 off the last ball of the 35th over.
A game played with great gusto...


CRIME CULTURE: Get Carter "IndyWatch Feed National"

After almost 50 years following its release, the crime-fiction film Get Carter is now regarded as both a gem of the noir genre, and also a treasure of British cinema. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, takes a look at a Michael Caine classic. [READ MORE]


An alumnus' call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week: 'I faced my Jewish racism. Will you?' "IndyWatch Feed National"

We need to talk about Jewish racism. I know what you're thinking. How dare I accuse us, a people who've suffered so greatly from prejudice, hatred and persecution, of holding racist attitudes ourselves? But it turns out that our past experience provides no protection and our communal memories can hinder, not help us. This particular conversation is about to become more urgent if you're a Jewish student on a campus in the U.K. or Western Europe, North America or Australia. The 14th annual 'Israeli Apartheid Week' (IAW) takes place around the world from the end of February through mid-April. There'll be talks, film screenings, and mock West Bank security checkpoints and Separation Walls to highlight the daily indignities of Palestinian life in the Occupied Territories. Thirty years after I graduated, I've been invited back to speak to students at Manchester University in the UK. It will be a homecoming - of sorts. But I've become a very different kind of Jew to the one who left there in 1988.


The present study indicate that acute treatment with an extract of S. miltiorrhiza roots exerted robust anxiolytic effects. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  J Chin Med Assoc. 2017 Dec 26. Epub 2017 Dec 26. PMID: 29287701 Abstract Title:  Anxiolytic effect of an extract of Salvia miltiorrhiza roots in rats. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Preparations from roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza, a herb widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, have been reported to induce a series of central effects, including sedation. In the wake of this ethnopharmacological information, the present study was designed to assess the anxiolytic potential of an extract of S.miltiorrhiza roots.METHODS: To this end, rats were acutely treated with S.miltiorrhiza extract (0, 50, and 100 mg/kg; i.g.) and exposed to the Elevated Plus Maze (EPM) test. The effect of treatment with S.miltiorrhiza extract on Stress-Induced Hyperthermia (SIH; a physiological response to stressful events) was also evaluated.RESULTS: Treatment with 100 mg/kg S.miltiorrhiza extract produced robust anxiolytic effects at the EPM test; specifically, it increased (a) percent of entries into open arms, (b) percent of time spent in open arms, (c) total number of head dips, (d) number of unprotected head dips, and (e) number of end-arm explorations in open arms, without any alteration in spontaneous locomotor activity. Treatment with 100 mg/kg S.miltiorrhiza extract also suppressed SIH response. The anxiolytic effects produced by 100 mg/kg S.miltiorrhiza extract were comparable to those exerted by acute treatment with 1.5 mg/kg (i.p.) of the reference compound, diazepam.CONCLUSION: These data demonstrate the ability of an extract of S.miltiorrhiza roots to produce anxiolysis in two different rodent models of"anxiety".

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About Vaxxed Are the Skeptics Trying to Provoke a Shooter? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Is the Vaxxed Team Safe? Opinion by Deplorable  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen The really interesting thing about the world-wide skeptic operation is that they try, desperately, to justify horrific actions against those they HATE actions unacceptable to normal people. We saw all that happen in Australia with the attack on the Australian Vaccination networks Continue reading About Vaxxed Are the Skeptics Trying to Provoke a Shooter?

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PERTH Man charged in relation to Perth Train Station fire which closed main entrance "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged in relation to Perth Train Station fire which closed main entrance .

February 21, 2018 at 10:30AM .

UPDATE: A 34-year-old man has been charged with lighting a fire at the Perth Train Station this morning. The man was charged with criminal damage, burglary and destruction of property. He was refused bail and will appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow. 11am: THE main entrance to Perth train .


PERTH Perth Train Station arson attack ends in $500k damage bill after office, bins set alight "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth Train Station arson attack ends in $500k damage bill after office, bins set alight .

February 21, 2018 at 07:44PM .

A man has been charged by police after a deliberately lit fire caused an estimated half a million dollars in damage to Perth Train Station. Police allege CCTV footage captured the man walking through the cultural centre and setting fire to several rubbish bins at the train station around 3:00am on .


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Sky News on Dave McAlpine and the AWU Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@JaneMarwick: Tomorrow's story on a fraud scandal within the AWU is a story that has been thoroughly researched and it is a compelling read.#headsup Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 21, 2018


Civil society decry FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 


Civil society decries FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed National"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 



It Has NEVER Been About Satanism or Devil Worship But Rather the Abuse and Rape of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

Let me be clear- the issue is about abusing children and has little to do with devil worship although it is that aspect that is used to dismiss this evil practice with children.

Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves aka John Kilrush aka whatever has spent his entire career discrediting victims of severe childhood abuse while forming the Satanic Temple. Of course all the while he claims he doesnt believe in the devil anymore than he does horrific child abuse.

But it IS about children for him- which is why he got a non for profit in 10 days for his Satanic after school daycare program. But if you say anything- his argument is the same as Michael Aquino- you are just biased about him because of his religious beliefs.

The abuse of children in the 80s was covered up by two phrases- Satanic panic and false memories but it was REALLY all about the fact that children were being raped and abused in their preschools and daycares. However- these two phrases made anyone who had problems with their children being abused into crazy liars in the eyes of society- showing once again that we are much more apt to believe the perpetrators than victims.

They claim it was a witch hunt- again using the devil as a way to prove their innocence. Which is why Mesner hides behind his Satanic Temple and Aquino hides behind his Satanic Temple of Set- because with our freedom of religion- anyone can believe anything they want. And if anyone has an issue with it- you can easily dismiss them as being discriminatory..

But it isnt the beliefs that are the problem but rather the practices. And both Aquino, Mesner, AND their followers spend an inordinant about of time trying to normalize and white wash the concepts of serving yourself and doing whatever evil thing they desire. But despite their blustering- have no doubt- hurting children- or anyone really- is evil.

The issue we are facing is the same now as it always was- it isnt about witches or devil lovers or any such nonsense- it is about child rapists whos appetites for causing pain and anguish have extinguished any humanity they had within themselves. And obviously they believe this abuse of children or they wouldnt have spent their entire careers desperately trying to discredit it.

They dont serve the devil- they serve themselves- and feel that they are entitled in doing anything they desire- no matter what harm it may bring to others.

They just use their beliefs as a shield in order to hide behind and justify themselves. But in the end it is about- and SOLELY about- the fact that they like to hurt children and they will use whatever is at their disposal to do so. And nothing more.


Melbourne, Australia: Community Blockades MITA Detention Centre in Desperate Bid to Stop Deportation to Danger of Tamil Asylum Seeker "IndyWatch Feed National"


Received on 21.02.18:

February 22, 2018.
For immediate release
Blockade happening now

Community Blockades MITA Detention Centre in Desperate Bid to Stop Deportation to Danger of Tamil Asylum Seeker.

Community members have blockaded the gates of MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows this morning in a desperate bid to stop the deportation of Tamil asylum seeker, Santharuban. Grave fears are held for him should he be returned to Sri Lanka.

As a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers), he faces plausible threat to his safety on return. Former Tiger members and returned Tamil refugees are routinely harassed, interrogated and some are subjected to torture by Sri Lankan security forces.

The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) has asked the Australian government to stop Santharubans deportation until it is able to perform an investigation. The Home Affairs Department has issued a deportation notice for the 22nd of February in spite of the UNCAT request.



Australian Watchdog Sees 1,289 Cryptocurrency Scam Complaints in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Australias national consumer watchdog has reportedly received over 1,200 complaints related to cryptocurrency scams last year leading to estimated losses of AUD $1.2 million. According to figures revealed by Australian nightly TV program 7.30, aggregate data gathered from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions (ACCC) Scamwatch shows the watchdog receiving a total of 1,289 complaints Continued

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Ripple Expands its List of Partners With Five More "IndyWatch Feed National"

Not many other blockchain companies can boast new partners on a weekly basis. Ripple is one that can and, love it or hate it, the San Francisco based global payments provider has added to that list of over a hundred with five more this week.

In addition to banks in Brazil and India, Singaporean and Canadian money transfer service providers have also joined ranks with Ripple. According to reports Brazilian Bank Ita Unibanco and remittance provider BeeTech have joined RippleNet in order to facilitate faster and cheaper global funds transfers. Indian bank IndusInd is also onboard alongside Canadian company Zip Remit who are all seeking to benefit from blockchain based financial transactions at a fraction of the cost.

Emerging Markets to Benefit Most

Emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China are home to 85% of the global population with almost 90% of people under 30 residing within those markets. They are a huge draw for companies such as Ripple looking to expand product adoption for xCurrent and RippleNet financial transfer platforms and networks. Over $60 billion was transferred into both India and China in 2017 and Brazil saw $600 million arrive from the US.

Head of business development at Ripple, Patrick Griffin, is confident that blockchain solutions are the way forward to improving the lives of users in emerging markets.

The payments problem is a global problem, but its negative impact disproportionally affects emerging markets. Whether its a teacher in the U.S. sending money home to his family in Brazil or a small business owner in India trying to move money to open up a second store in another country, its imperative that we connect the worlds financial institutions into a payments system that works for their customers, not against them.

Singaporean Partners to Expand RippleNet

Southeast Asias leading digital cross-border money transfer service provider InstaReM is also joining RippleNet to facilitate faster payments to other members of the rapidly growing network. It currently consists of over a hundred banks and other financial institutions providing real-time messaging, clearing and settlement of financial transactions. InstaReMs partnership will allow their corporate and SME customers quick and hassle-free payouts to a number of destinations in the region.

Prajit Nanu, co-founder and CEO, stated; We are pleased with this new partnership with Ripple which will see RippleNet members utilizing InstaReMs unique payments mesh we have developed in Southeast Asia to further streamline payment processes.

The company processes over 50...



Does the world as we know it need a hard reset? International street artist DENIAL explores this question with his newest collection of visual subversions for Control Alt Delete, his inaugural exhibition at Melbournes Vs. Gallery.

CONTROL+ALT+DELETE examines the current corporate power structures that seek to control our thoughts and lives and, ultimately, our wallets. Through advertising and branding techniques, these companies attempt to alter how we perceive the world in order to encourage consumerism at any cost. The pieces in the exhibition work to alter our perception of these branded images in an effort to interrupt their function and to create a new dialogue about the nature of our capitalistic lives. DENIAL works to develop bold new meanings by taking these household names and iconography and reimagining their structure and purpose to foster alternative modes of thinking. How long can our society coexist with corporate values and aspirations? Is it time to reboot?

The exhibition will feature a broad collection of works across a variety of mediums. From 3-D laser-cut assemblages, to original limited edition screen prints and wood-panel aerosol paintings, DENIAL takes his signature street style and boils it down to ironically consumable artworks that are as visually stunning as they are thought-provoking.

Instagram: @denialart

Vs. Gallery

Vs. Gallery is a dynamic new art gallery and event space located in North Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

Bringing together the works of local and international artists, in both traditional and new media, Vs. Gallery presents an engaging schedule of curated exhibitions and events.

Directed by Australian artists Ben Frost and GT Sewell, this new space boasts over 50 square meters of floor space, professional lighting, impressively tall walls, off-street parking/reception area and close proximity to public transport.

The gallery is part of a larger space: Vs. Studios, which comprises 14 artists studios with individuals working across various mediums, including painting, fashion, projection, street art and sculpture.




PERTH Perth court news "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth court news .

February 21, 2018 at 07:13PM .

Search court sentences, criminal case database, by case number, Defendant The Perth Drug Court operates in the Perth Magistrates Court and accepts referrals from the District and Supreme Courts, Access all Judgments handed down from the Supreme, District and ERD Courts. The building, designed .



PERTH Carnarvon magistrates court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Carnarvon magistrates court .

February 21, 2018 at 04:46PM .

Both courts have listings available in a Carnarvon 10 Carnarvon rapist arrested after tampering with Carnarvon Magistrates Court on July 10 and was remanded in custody, scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court Todays Court Listings. Time Name Floor-Court; Cnr Robinson St and Babbage .



MACKAY Woman to take serious property crime charges to trial "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 04:11PM ,

Woman to take serious property crime charges to trial

February 21, 2018 at 04:11PM ,

However, Higgins indicated through defence solicitor Antoinette Morton that she will plead guilty to two counts of fraud, four counts of breaching bail, and one count each of receiving tainted property and unlicensed driving. Higgins faced Magistrate Mark Nolan in Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


China deploys warships to East Indian Ocean amid rivalry with India "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Chinese news portal says 11 Chinese warships have entered the East Indian Ocean this month, in what seems to have been a show of strength amid a rivalry in the region with India and a crisis in the Maldives.

A fleet of Chinese destroyers and at least one frigate, a massive amphibious transport dock, and three support tankers sailed into the Indian Ocean in February, reported on Sunday.

If you look at warships and other equipment, the gap between the Indian and Chinese navy is not large, it said.

The news portal did not say when exactly the fleet had been deployed or for how long, but Indian defense sources said on Tuesday that a Chinese flotilla of a destroyer, frigate, and tankers did enter the region around February 10 after conducting some drills in the South China Sea.

The flotilla, which according to the sources was well over 3,500 kilometers away from the Maldives, went back through the Lombok Strait after several days.

Indian satellites, warships, and long-range maritime surveillance aircraft like P-8I kept close tabs on the Chinese flotilla, which was in international waters towards Australia, The Times of India quoted a defense source as speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Chinese Defense Ministry did not respond to requests by Reuters for comment. But last week, the Peoples Liberation Army posted photos and a story on rescue training exercises taking place in the East Indian Ocean on its official Twitter-like Weibo account.

The under-construction China Maldives Friendship Bridge is pictured near the city of Male on February 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Regional countries, including Australia and India, associate Chinas recent naval deployment with an ongoing constitutional crisis in the Maldives, with which New Delhi has had longstanding political and security ties.

The Maldives plunged into crisis when President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency and ordered the arrest of judges who had ordered the release of his political opponents.

Maldivian opposition leaders have urged India to intervene in the crisis. Despite New Delhis calls for ending the state of emergency, the Maldives extended it by another 30 days on Tuesday.

China, however, said on Tuesday that the Maldives has the wisdom and capabilities to cope with the current situation independently.

Beijing signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Maldives last year. It has also been striking deals with countries in Asia and Africa in line with its Belt and Road initiative to improve imports of key c...


Trezor vs Ledger: The Battle for the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Title "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the decade or so that bitcoin has existed for, improper security of one"s bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has resulted in billions of dollars worth of losses. After the Mt. Gox hack in 2013 when a large portion of the []

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The Great Works Of Sharri Markson: Abbott Is Not Pig-Headed. The Greens Are Lunatics. Im not Biased. "IndyWatch Feed National"

As political reporting goes, it doesnt get much more lightweight than the Daily Telegraph. And so, appropriately the Daily Terrors chief political reporter is none other than, Sharri Markson. The flyweight of lightweights.

You might remember Sharri from such exposes as I went undercover as a uni student (while I still looked like a uni student) and took a selfie in a lift to expose how journalism lecturers at Sydney universities trash News Corporation.

Note to Sharri all university lecturers the world over trash News Corporation reporting. Because it can be pretty shite.

Markson is one of those News Corporation journalists whos drunk so much company Kool-Aid, its entirely possible she actually believes everything she says, and writes. Which explains this staggering exchange on the Daily Tele earlier today, where entertainment reporter Jonathon Moran engages in a lively discussion with Markson on politics in Canberra, in which Markson tries to school him on bias.

MORAN: Old mate (Tony Abbott), like whens he just going to quit politics?.

MARKSON (laughing): This is why you cant be a political reporter.

Markson then argues Abbott still has a very big following.

MORAN: This is a man who was there with the children overboard. This is a man whose been given so many chances and still just waffles on with his rubbish. He ripped public education to shreds, hes saying the cities are chockers, and that education needs to be improved, so improve education even though I scrapped it and ripped it to shreds and stuffed it all up.

MARKSON: Youre reading from Bill Shortens playbook. It seems like theyve sent you some talking points.

MORAN: Tony Abbott makes me feel sick.

MARKSON: Oh no, you cant say that.

MORAN: its not easy to interview someone as pig-headed as (Abbott).

MARKSON (feigning exasperation): JMO, you cant say these things about a former Prime Minister.

Sigh. Where to start?

Markson, as perhaps the most transparently partisan political reporter in the country, has a very long history of boosting the right, and trashing the left. Her last article for 2017, about the winners and los...


hunters Hill residents still waiting on government to clean up uranium contaminated land "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hunters Hill residents wary of latest announcement on uranium contamination, ABC News, 20 Feb 18, By Jade Macmillan

Residents on Sydneys lower north shore have dismissed the Governments latest plans to clean up land contaminated by a uranium smelter more than hundred years ago as a hollow promise.

Property Minister Victor Dominello announced $30 million to remediate the waterfront land on Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill, the former site of the Radium Hill refinery, which closed in 1915.

The area was also occupied by a carbolic acid plant until the early 1900s and a tin smelter until the 1960s.

Residents have spent decades urging the Government to remove the affected soil, which the NSW Environment Protection Authority found it was contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, coal tar pitch, arsenic and lead.

Having this funding should give the community confidence that we are determined to remediate the site, Mr Dominello said, ahead of a public meeting of more than 200 residents on Tuesday night.

The Government is currently considering suitable disposal locations for the waste, and is in discussions with the Federal Government on the possibility of using the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility earmarked for development in South Australia.

The minister did not provide a timeframe for the works and a site for the radioactive facility has not yet been selected.

Rosemary Manusu, 80, who has lived on Nelson Parade for more than 50 years, said she had little faith in the a...


Stuart Wilde Gets Hit by The Force "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

It was in the 80s that I was working for a company called the Mystic Trader in Melbourne, Australia and we were promoting a Stuart Wilde seminar (The Warriors Wisdom) []


Times up for blanket religious exemptions to discriminate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Outdated laws allowing religious organisations to discriminate against single mothers, pregnant women or LGBTI people should be repealed, the Human Rights Law Centre today told the Religious Freedom Reviews Expert Panel.

Australians fundamentally believe that we should be treated with fairness and equality when we apply for a job, when we study or go to a support service for help, said Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre.

The Religious Freedom Review's Expert Panel is meeting around the country to investigate whether Australian law adequately protects religious freedom. The Human Rights Law Centre appeared with LGBTI advocates, health experts, frontline service providers and representatives from faith communities.

Today we provided evidence that publicly-funded religious organisations discriminate against trans and gender diverse people in hospitals and welfare services. We spoke about people being fired from schools because they are gay, and harm caused by LGBT people not being able to be their true selves at work or school. Australians voted last year to end discrimination against LGBTI people when it comes to marriage. We also need to end discrimination in other areas of public life, said Ms Brown.

Director of GLHV, Liam Leonard, presented data on the poorer mental health outcomes for LGBT people due to discrimination and the impact of staying closeted at work or school.

This is feeling paranoid, this is feeling like you are constantly under surveillance, this is being hypervigilant every minute in school hoping that nobody notices a word, a gesture, a comment or reference that might let them know you are LGBT. The conversations in the staff room, the innocent exchanges on the sports ground, the ones that most staff and students feel comfortable and at ease at are the ones that strike fear in many LGBT peoples heart, said Mr Leonard.

The groups recommended changes to the permanent religious exemptions from discrimination laws, and pointed to positive examples of faith based organisations embracing policies and training on LGBTI inclusion.

Religious exemptions should not be a blanket that hides the harms of discrimination. Greater transparency will benefit both faith based bodies and the community more broadly, said Rev Angus McLeay to the Expert Panel.

Its time to remove broad religious exemptions that act as a barrier to vulnerable people accessing critical family violence and housing services from faith-based organisations. The idea that religious service providers and schools receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funding can impose their religious and moral beliefs on others in housing, healthcare or education is out of step wit...


The great climate silence: we are on the edge of the abyss but we ignore it "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

File 20170507 19145 8n95t4.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Extract.

Clive Hamilton, Charles Sturt University

After 200,000 years of modern humans on a 4.5 billion-year-old Earth, we have arrived at new point in history: the Anthropocene. The change has come upon us with disorienting speed. It is the kind of shift that typically takes two or three or four generations to sink in.

Our best scientists tell us insistently that a calamity is unfolding, that the life-support systems of the Earth are being damaged in ways that threaten our survival. Yet in the face of these facts we carry on as usual.

Most citizens ignore or downplay the warnings; many of our intellectuals indulge in wishful thinking; and some influential voices declare that nothing at all is happening, that the scientists are deceiving us. Yet the evidence tells us that so powerful have humans become that we have entered this new and dangerous geological epoch, which is defined by the fact that the human imprint on the global environment has now become so large and active that it rivals some of the great forces of nature in its impact on the functioning of the Earth system.

This bizarre situation, in which we have become potent enough to change the course of the Earth yet seem unable to regulate ourselves, contradicts every modern belief about the kind of creature the human being is. So for some it is absurd to suggest that humankind could break out of the boundaries of history and inscribe itself as a geological force in deep time. Humans are too puny to change the climate, they insist, so it is outlandish to suggest we could change the geological time scale. Others assign the Earth and its evolution to the divine realm, so that it is not merely impertinence to suggest that humans can overrule the almighty, but blasphemy.

Many intellectuals in the social sciences and humanities do not concede that Earth scientists have anything to say that could impinge on their understanding of the world, because the world consists only of humans engaging with humans, with nature no more than a passive backdrop to draw on as we please.

The humans-only orientation of the social sciences and humanities is reinforced by our total absorption in representations of reality derived from media, encouraging us to view the ecological crisis as a spectacle that takes place outside the bubble of our existence.
It is true that grasping the scale of what is happening requires not only breaking the bubble but also making the cognitive leap to Earth system thi...


Will the Victorian Socialists shake up Victorias election year? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the Victorian state elections of December 1908, the Victorian Socialist Party (VSP) then the largest radical party in Australia threw down the electoral gauntlet to the Australian Labor Party by running candidates in two inner-city Melbourne seats.


Help us untangle this environmental mess. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

While Sydney was preparing for another spectacular fireworks display, Gal the Great Cormorant was fighting for her life. Great Cormorant

On New Years Eve WIRES rescuer Michaela and her husband found themselves abandoning their plans and jumping into a creek at a reserve in South West Sydney.  

Michaela remembers seeing a large bird that seemed to be drowning about five metres away from the shore. It was a Great Cormorant, completely exhausted and probably only minutes from death. 

Gal was entangled in metres of fishing line which was cutting into her left shoulder as it wrapped around her body multiple times. Michaelas husband said that there were four different lines around her, two of which were attached to a float. He also found five fishing hooks attached to her body.  

He was able to cut some line and get her to shore. The usually majestic and strong bird was coughing up water and was very weak. 

One of the fishing hooks had pierced through her beak and leg at the same time so she was not only in pain but she could barely move, recalls Michaela. 

Michaela and her husband travelled through Sydney, on what has to be the busiest night of the year, to reach an emergency vet.
Gal received antibiotics and stitches for two wounds on her left wing. One of the wounds was two centimetres wide, caused from the fishing line which had embedded into her skin. 
The hooks were carefully removed from Gals body. The vet identified them as Treble hooks, which feature three barbs per hook. It is not uncommon for Seabirds to receive multiple wounds from these hooks, which dramatically decreases their chance of survival. 

The strong-willed Cormorant recovered quickly and was successfully released back to the wild in the first week of January. 

When we left, there was still lots of fishing line in the water, including a float. Who knows how many hooks were under the water? said Michaela, feeling frustrated at the cause of Gals injuries.

Later that week Michaela returned to the creek in an effort to clean up the area and prevent further animals suffering the same fate as Gal. 



One more day with Dave "IndyWatch Feed National"

We will have quite a bit to say tomorrow.


On falling on my feet. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The formwork for the slab is finished, and I frankly cant believe it.. sometimes the way things turn out has me baffled, even when things go all wrong..

Lately, Ive had cumulative problems that inevitably consist of spending money I had not planned to spend; although in the process I managed to get bargains. Like my Makita cordless drill blowing up. I thought it was out of warranty, but it turns out these things have two years warranty, not one. which I discovered after replacing it with a better (brushless) unit for 60 to 80 dollars less than the shops sell them for, on eBay. Not only that, at the time of this purchase, I discovered you could buy (aftermarket) 6mAh batteries for less than half the price of a genuine Makita 3mAh battery. So I spent the dough..

Then Ute II started overheating on me, driving back from Hobart with 1.3 m of compost in the back. I quickly established that it was all down to the thermostat, so I replaced that; only to discover that half the radiator was blocked as well! I dont know why I even thought of looking on eBay, but I did, and there I found a brand new radiator for $130 delivered. I could have spent the money better, but the car is fixed. I still cant believe how cheap it was.



Beyond fees: a case for a waged education "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia, working- and middle-class students who cannot obtain financial familial support must both study and work a shitty part- or full-time job. Government youth allowance payments are deliberately difficult to obtain and excessively bureaucratic. Certainly, they are not provided on the presumption that to study is to perform valuable labour.


MACKAY Not something we want people running around with "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 06:21AM ,

Not something we want people running around with

February 21, 2018 at 06:21AM ,

A MACKAY butcher has faced court after attempting to board a plane while carrying a concealed credit card knife. Michael Edward Francis Daniel, 22, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday, charged with possessing a category M weapon. Daniel was caught with the knife a thin seven centimetre

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Robbery with violence, Cannonvale "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

Robbery with violence, Cannonvale

February 21, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

The man is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. A 24-year-old Cannonvale man has also been arrested and is assisting police with their inquiries. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Robbery with violence at Cannonvale, QLD "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Robbery with violence at Cannonvale, QLD

February 21, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Police have charged a man following the alleged robbery of a taxi driver at Cannonvale this morning, Queensland Police say. It is alleged around 1am two passengers who were travelling in a taxi assaulted the driver inside the vehicle before the driver pulled over at a service station on Shute Harbour

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Wages improve at a painfully slow rate "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Wages up a bit

Wage prices - one of the most keenly anticipated releases of the year! Let's take a run through it in half a dozen charts. 

Firstly, quarterly wages growth came in above market expectations at +0.6 per cent.

And the annual rate of wages growth rose for a second consecutive quarter to +2.1 per cent. 

So that was a mild positive. 

Yet it says something about how low expectations have fallen when the Aussie dollar cheered a result within which private sector wages increased by just +1.93 per cent in 2017. Ouch.

Public sector wages growth was notably stronger at +2.44 per cent. 

Both sectors have picked up from previously softer levels, while public sector wage prices have outpaced the private sector since 2013. 

At the state level Victoria is now in pole position with wages growth of +2.4 per cent.

This doesn't fit entirely squarely with the meme that immigration is to blame for low wages growth (since Melbourne has by far and away the highest rate of population growth in the country), albeit the rebound was largely driven by pay deals in the public sector. 


Review: Sedition and the Quick Leap From Dissent to Deshdroh "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anushka Singhs Sedition in Liberal Democracies delves into the impact of being slapped with a sedition case, whether real or politically-motivated, and the stigma the taint of being anti-national that it carries with it.

Singh argues how the states use of the law through its mechanisms such as FIRs and chargesheets leads to overrated notions of what constitutes sedition. Credit: Shutterstock

Sedition may be an archaic law, but it is certainly not out of fashion. Anushka Singhs recently released book, Sedition in Liberal Democracies, has to be seen in the context of the continuing use of the sedition law in India to stifle free speech and different stripes of dissent. The book is an excellent addition to the existing material around sedition in India, bringing together legal, political, historical and anthropological perspectives on the theme, and includes a section dealing with comparative developments in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Singhs detailed account helps us think through the narrower legal category of sedition as laid down in section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and judicial interpretations of this law, in relation to a broader discursive category that has emerged that encompasses other laws such as waging war against the state, and anti-terror laws such as the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), as well as popular understanding of deshdroh or those who are disloyal to the nation.

This wider category, according to Singh, who is an assistant professor at the School of La...


Civil society decry FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Network calls for global solidarity against commercialization in Bangladesh and Philippines

Laguna, Philippines - The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique.

Testbiotech, a non-profit organization founded as an Institute for the Independent Impact Assessment of Biotechnology in 2008 in Munich, Germany concluded that the application does not show substantial benefits. Furthermore, the risk assessment as performed by FZANZ is not sufficient to demonstrate safety of food derived from GR2 (Golden Rice 2). Aside from expounding on the questions of nutritional viability and genetic stability of Golden Rice, Testbiotech also criticized lack of toxicological studies, exclaiming that it is self evident that food products with no history of safe use must be subjected to highest standards of risk assessment before the most vunerable groups of the population are exposed to it

Civil society in Australia and New Zealand also challenged the soundness of FSANZ decision and appealed to review its approval. In an open letter, MADGE, GeneEthics and Food Sovereignty Alliance asked the Minister of Food Regulation forum to review FSANZ approval of Golden Rice. It stated that FSANZ is failing its legislated objective to uphold public health and safety, providing adequate information to consumers and to prevent misleading and deceptive conduct. It also pointed out that FSANZ carries no actual safety evaluation and its safety assumption were biased on data provided by IRRI and corporate proponents while ignoring crucial scientific data on the perils of GMOs to human health.

Launched last 2000, Golden Rice (GR) is a genetically engineered rice with the capability to produce beta-carotene, the precursor of Vitamin A and touted to address malnutrition and Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD). Billions of dollars have been poured into i...


A marsupial in wolf's clothing - First 3D digital models reveal convergent evolution "IndyWatch Feed National"

Researchers from Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne have CT scanned all 13 known Tasmanian tiger joey specimens to create 3D digital models which have allowed them to study their skeletons and internal organs, and reconstruct their growth and development. This has revealed important new information about how this unique extinct marsupial evolved to look so similar to the dingo, despite being very distantly related.

The digital scans show that when first born the Tasmanian tiger or thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) looked like any other marsupial.

But three months later, when they left the pouch they had taken on the appearance of a puppy and continued to grow with a dog-like appearance.

The research, led by the University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria and in conjunction with an international team of scientists, is published today [Wednesday 21 February, 11:30AM AEST] in Royal Society Open Science.

It comes from the same team who successfully sequenced the thylacine genome in December 2017.

The Tasmanian tiger was a marsupial, which raised its young in a pouch.

Its resemblance to the dingo is one of the best examples of convergent evolution in mammals. This is where, two species, despite not being closely related, evolve to look very similar.

The Tasmanian tiger would have last shared a common ancestor with the canids (dogs and wolves) around 160 million years ago.

Dr Christy Hipsley, Research Associate at Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne said after sequencing the Tasmanian tiger genome in 2017, this research fills one more piece of the puzzle on why they have evolved to look so similar to dogs.

This is the first digital development series of the Tasmanian tiger, Australias most iconic extinct marsupial predator. Using CT technology we have been able to garner new information on the biology of this iconic species, and its growth and development.

These scans show in incredible detail how the Tasmanian tiger started its journey in life as a joey that looked very much like any other marsupial, with robust forearms so that it could climb into its mother's pouch. But by the time...


New law so banks can steal your savings? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia a new law has been put in place, a 'bail-in' law supportive of the banking businesses.

Some people may say that it has been 'snuck' through, while the peasants were distracted.

Some even say that this law will allow the banks to take 'your' cash, in plain and simple terms steal it.

Should you be interested in this topic, your own research and correct comprehension of the law is of paramount importance to the matter.

On the 14th day of February, you know, Valentines Day, the Senate passed the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017.

Should you chose not to write a my will letter to your local federal MP, on this matter the people in government acknowledge, that your silence is acquiescence, where you are content with the actions of the people who apparently re-present you.

How many people have the capacity to pick this law apart to see whether it is in circulation lawfully?


Revised TPP-11 text is largely unchanged: independent assessment and Senate Inquiry needed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media release, February 21 2018: The new text of the revised and rebranded Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership between Australia and 10 other countries without the US contains minor additional change since last November. Some other governments have demanded further changes, but the Australian government has not, Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convener said today.

The additional published text is only nine pages, with some changes from Canada to the non-binding preamble that mention cultural identity, indigenous rights and gender equity, but these are aspirational only, and will not affect the legally binding provisions in the rest of the agreement. There are also the 20 clauses which were suspended in November 2017 pending the US rejoining the deal.

The new text does not include new side letters between specific countries that were signaled when the text was finalised in January. It is not clear whether these will be released later.

Many of the most harmful clauses remain. The deal still includes special rights for foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws, known as ISDS, said Dr Ranald.

The Australian government has not sought changes to provisions for more vulnerable temporary migrant workers, from Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Canada Mexico and Chile without testing if local workers are available. This is contrary to its own claims to have reintroduced such testing. There have been no changes to the chapters on trade in services and state-owned enterprises which could restrict future governments from re-regulating essential services like TAFE, energy and financial services, even if there are demonstrated market failures.

Dr Ranald explained that the 20 suspended clauses are mostly about medicine and copyright monopolies. Other governments had only reluctantly agreed to US propo...


The Mainstream Media and Their Analysis of the Time Travellers Photo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Noahs picture of a submerged Los Angeles in the year 5000

by Dee McLachlan

Several mainstream news organisations have been running with a story about a supposed time traveller. This, from The Sun, is a typical report:

A MAN who claims hes from the year 2030 reportedly passed a lie detector test and made a series of startling predictions for humanity. The self-styled time-traveller, who calls himself Noah, begged to stay anonymous claiming he could be assassinated for revealing what the future holds.

Noah, whose face is always blurred, goes on about what future looks like: a second term of Trump, and more robots, Google glasses, and self-driving cars. Yeah!

Okay, enough of that. Im going no further. This article is to comment on the mainstream medias INABILITY to analyse a simple photograph.

Now Noah is shown holding a picture taken in 5000 of Los Angeles underwater (seen above). You see the surface of the water, then a subme...


Tony Abbott's speech on something other than Barnaby "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@TonyAbbottMHR: recent polling shows around 40 per cent of Australians believe immigration is too high. MORE: #theboltreport #auspol Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 20, 2018


Australian Preppers Forum. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is unique, not quite like any other country. American forums can be okay, but their situation in regards to many things simply do not apply to Australia. If you live in Australia, here is a chance to learn & to share your knowledge. I have not been on this forum for very long, but so far is seems friendly. I am not a manager or moderator on this forum so my hands are tied to just participating & making suggestions, but this forum does need some new blood & more participation. Please check this forum out when you get time.
Thank you.


Making Water From Whine: The Murray Darling Basins Magic Numbers Machine "IndyWatch Feed National"

So South Australians, youre pee-ed off about New South Wales and Queensland stealing all your water upstream? Solution, with a bit of biblical fish and loaves magic, we just change the numbers. Maryanne Slattery explains.

Last Wednesday was Judgement Day for the management of the Murray-Darling Basin. It was a win for the river to the tune of 70 billion litres of water, but it was a stunning rebuke for state and federal governments as well as the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Federal, NSW and Victorian Governments threatened fire, brimstone and the End of Days or at least the end of the Basin Plan if the Senate didnt approve the Murray-Darling Basin Authoritys (MDBA) plans to let corporate irrigators in NSW and Queensland use more water at the expense of downstream uses, outlined in its Northern Basin Review.

Like the Bible, many people talk about the Northern Basin Review, but very few have actually read it. If last weeks outraged politicians and lobbyists had actually studied the amendment, they might have seen the Senates rejection coming.

The Senate saw that there were huge problems with transparency and the standard of analysis in the Review. While the reporting of the Senates rejection has focused on the proposal to reduce water for the environment, critics of the Review have long focused on problems in its methodology, process and claims of political interference.

The Northern Basin Review was finalised in 2016 after four years of science and socio-economic analysis. It recommended allowing irrigators to take from northern rivers 70 gigalitres more than in the original Plan. Of course, 70 gigalitres more for irrigation in northern NSW and Queensland means less water for the environment and people in places like Broken Hill and South Australia.

But how much less? Evaporation, seepage and other uses mean the extra volume is reduced along the way.

Irrigation canals near Griffith, in western NSW. (IMAGE: Tim J Keegan, Flickr)

After four years of study, and just two weeks before the Northern Basin Review was released, the MDBA estimated 70 gigalitres more for northern irrigators meant 35 less for the Menindee Lakes near Broken Hill and 20 less for South Australia. This infuriated the South Aus...


The tax the rich call bestows unwarranted importance on them "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

It is Wednesday, so only a few snippets only today, while I am working on six lectures I have to give in Helsinki over the next two weeks. The first of those lectures will be a public event. And looking at the weather I am about to undergo around a 45 degree Celsius turnaround from where I am today in Australia to where I will be next week! That is what happens when you go to Finland in the early part of the year. Anyway, here are some items of interest I hope.

Our Green European Journal Article

In case you havent seen it, Thomas Fazi and myself have an article out last week (February 16, 2018) in the Green European Journal entitled Tax havens must be closed, but not for the reasons you think

The article summarises arguments I have made in various blogs (see below) which can be distilled into these summary insights:

1. Currency-issuing governments are not like households, who are financially constrained and have to fund their spending via income, borrowing, prior savings or asset sales.

2. The progressive reaction to the release of the Paradise Papers told us that most progressives still do not understand Point 1. They think the government needs to raise taxes to reduce its reliance on debt while providing public services via expenditure.

3. A consequence of the fiat system is that governments that issue their own currencies no longer have to fund their spending.

4. currency-issuing governments such as those of Australia, Britain, Japan and the US can never run out of money or become insolvent.

5. Do we need the richs money? No.

6. So should we close down tax havens? Yes!

Why? The reasons largely have to do with social justice, inequality and the distribution of political power.

For more information, please read the article (if you are interested).

The point generalises. Last Friday, I gave a talk at the New International Bookshop in Melbourne about our new book Reclaiming the State: A Progressive Vision of Sovereignty for a Post-Neoliberal World (Pluto Books, 2017).

There was a good audience and during the question time the issue of taxing the rich came up. A very oft-repeated progressive narrative.

The response I gave was that just as Ayn Rand claimed in Atlas Shrugged that the workers were parasites and relied on the productive skill and zeal of the bosses, the tax the rich narrative perpetuates the view that without the rich folks in our society we can have noth...


Australian University Launches Nations First Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

Recognising its importance as a revolutionary technology, an Australian university has today announced the countrys first course on blockchain technology. Its being hosted by Melbournes RMIT University and is scheduled to start in mid-March.

Blockchain Skills in High Demand

The eight-week short-course aims to address the current vacuum of young talent familiar with blockchain technology. Alan Tsen, a manager at one of the tech companies behind the new course, Stone and Chalk, told local news source 9news:

There is a real demand for blockchain training and a skills gap in the market that needs to be addressed.

Along with Stone and Chalk, the course has been developed by the universitys Blockchain Innovation Hub and graduate services provider, Accenture. Jason Potts of the former organisation told Business Insider about the technological complexities of blockchain and what the short course hopes to provide for students:

Its actually quite hard to understand a whole lot of different technologies have come together to contribute to it working Much of this course is designed to help executives and business leaders to understand not just how this new technology works, and understanding whats actually behind it, but also how it reflects business models and business strategy.

Without initiatives like the Melbourne university course, the lack of relevant skills issue is only set to get worse. The industry is rapidly expanding and according to tech think tank Gartner Research, will be worth over $176 billion by 2025.

Whilst the first practical application of the technology was cryptocurrency, there are various startups that are experimenting with it for a variety of different purposes. These include cybersecurity, resource management, healthcare, and the legal profession, to name but a few.

One company currently studying how blockchain technology can disrupt existing industries is Power Ledger. Also based in Australia, the startup hopes to provide a platform for sharing solar energy. They received substantial funding in late 2017 from a smart cities grant issued by the government. No doubt co-founder Jemma Green is as excited to hear about local educational institutions taking the technology seriously as sh...


Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize: the 2017 shortlist "IndyWatch Feed National"

The 2017 judges Nic Low, Ryan ONeill and Jennifer Mills have finished their blind judging and deliberation, and decided on a shortlist of thirteen brilliant stories that approach the theme in original ways.


Donald Trump: Making America Great or Keeping America Poor? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Twenty-six years ago the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its military commitments, its oppressive surveillance bureaucracy, and its regimes loss of legitimacy. That experience has lessons for Trumps America writes Ian McAuley.

The Cold War, an arms race set against the backdrop of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), started and ended in Berlin.

Its start was the Soviet Unions blockade of Berlin in 1948, followed a year later by the first successful Soviet test of a nuclear bomb. Its end, or at least the beginning of its end, was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, followed two years later by Mikhail Gorbachevs announcement of the Soviet Unions dissolution.

Americas Republicans, and the political right throughout the world, portrayed the Soviet Unions collapse as a victory of capitalism over socialism. Francis Fukuyama even said it heralded the end of history.

But the Soviet Union had been socialist in name only. Socialist idealism had died with Stalins rise in 1929, and the country rapidly morphed into a class-stratified society, with a chasm between the privileged class enjoying the spoils of nomenklatura and the masses living in miserable conditions and under the oppression of a surveillance state.

A more compelling explanation for the Soviet Unions collapse is the economic burden of its military and security apparatus.

A file image of a Russian warship (IMAGE: Christopher Michel, Flickr).

The Soviet Union had been on the victorious side in Europes war of 1939 to 1945, but it paid a huge price. Hitlers Wehrmacht had laid waste to the countryside all the way to the edge of Moscow. In re-taking its territory, and pushing all the way into the German heartland, the Red Army did the heavy lifting in defeating Nazism. While America provided the armaments for the victory, the Soviet Union provided the infantry.

In that war the United States and Britain between them lost one million lives, while the Soviet Union lost 25 million lives. At the end of the war the Soviet Union still faced its enemies along long land borders, while America and Britain went...


ABC censors Albericis uncomfortable tax cuts truth after Turnbull complaint "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mr Denmore, author of The Failed Estate, writes about the extraordinary attack on  Emma Alberici, because of her analysis  of the Australian governments corporate tax cuts ambition, which she says would be detrimental to Australia.   After a complaint from the Prime Minister, her words were deleted from the ABC website, and this marks the ongoing curtailment of the press that is occurring in Australia. Denmore explains that this is a global trend. The story was published by The Independent Australia 20 February 2018).

Who would have thought an analysis of corporate tax policy would set so many pulses racing?

Perhaps it was a form of group therapy for the nation after weeks of seeking to shut out images of the Member for New England Barnaby Joyce indulging in country matters.

But ABC journalist Emma Albericianalysis piece criticising the need for corporate tax cuts in Australia when so few companies pay any has certainly provided a needed distraction from our recent diet of beetroot.

As economics journalist Greg Jericho has pointed out, Alberici is hardly alone in making the case against corporate tax cuts. Neither are her arguments a reflexive, innumerate and leftist simplification, as some of her critics at The Australian and the Financial Review have variously claimed.

The fact is there is a serious international debate about the effects on liberal democracies of the increasing pressure on governments to provide greater and greater tax relief to footloose global capital. None...


The Bumpy Road Down, Part 5: More Trends in Collapse "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

IrvMillsIrv Mills has published the fifth and last part of his 5 part series called The Bumpy Road Down, previous instalments being available here.





In my last post I started talking about some of the changes that will happen along the bumpy road down and the forces and trends that will lead to them. (The bumpy road down being the cyclic pattern of crash and partial recovery that I believe will characterize the rest of the age of scarcity). These changes will be forced on us by circumstances and are not necessarily how Id like to see things turn out.

The trends I covered last time were:

  • our continued reliance on fossil fuels
  • the continuing decline in availability, and surplus energy content, of fossil fuels
  • the damage the FIRE industries (finance, insurance and real estate) will suffer in the next crash, and the effects this will have
  • the increase in authoritarianism, as governments attempt to optimize critical systems and relief efforts during and after the crash

Oscillating overshoot...


Womens Rights in Syria - by Mark Taliano "IndyWatch Feed National"

Syrian women are helping to save Syria and all of humanity against the scourge of Western-supported terrorism. The Canadian government, [ editor: and others, including Australia's, supporting the US-NATO agenda] on the other hand, is destroying womens rights (and all human rights) in Syria and beyond.  If the truth were ever accepted by broad-based populations, then our government, led by those who project progressive fronts, would be exposed as the misogynist, life-hating rot that it is.

This article was first published at

Canada's Sanctions Regime against Syria Undermines Women's Rights

Trudeau is destroying Syria through illegal sanctions, and through direct and indirect support of every single terrorist in Syria. Canada is a member of the NATO terror organization, which along with its allies, seeks to create regime change in Syria, the highest crime according to Nuremburg Principles.

All Syrians, but especially Syrian women, have much to lose if the Canadian governments diabolical ambitions are realized.

Amany Ashy[1] lives in a government-secured area of Syria where she is headmistress of a high school.  She explains that life for women in government-secured areas hasnt changed much. She explains that

The government supports womens right and liberty before and now. We have the liberty to choose our work , to wear whatever we like , to choose the type of education we want and even to fight side by side with the army. We have the safety to go at anytime during day or night.

She also explains that

men now are busy fighting with the army or trying hard to work double shift after the crazy raise of prices and after the sanctions. Womens life as the life of all Syrian has been affected badly by the sanctions. The prices of food and vegetables have become double. Medicine prices are very high and some are not available.

Life in terrorist-occupied areas, however, is entirely different, and alien to Syria and to most Syrians. Ashy explains that



Broome hit by two years' worth of rain in two months, Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The town of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has officially endured its wettest year on record after just two months in 2018. Although January and February are usually its wettest months, updated figures show Broome was hit more than two...... Read more


Cardiologist: Millions of People Taking Statin Drugs Will Continue to Have Far Greater Chance of Harm than Benefit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rita Redberg, MD

Rita Redberg, MD. Image source.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Two recent articles published in the UK mainstream hard copy and online newspaper Express revealed theres something wrong with cholesterol-lowering statin drug prescription policies, quoting several doctors who claim statins cause more harm than benefit.

Dr. Rita Redberg, a cardiologist professor at the San Francisco Medical Center, states:

Unfortunately, until all data is available and discussed with patients, millions of people taking these [statin] drugs will continue to have far greater chance of harm than benefit. (Source.)

Dr. Rita Redbergs name might be familiar to our readers, because she appeared in an Australian two-part TV news documentary that has often been featured in several Health Impact News articles. Both parts were connected thematically and produced by Dr. Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D.

And it was Dr. Demasis British Medical Journal (BMJ) article and study review that the Express article was reporting rather favorably with quotes from other doctors supporting her findings. The articles focus was on the controversy it had ignited regarding the widespread use of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Dr. Demasis Determination to Expose the Harsh Realities of Statin Drugs Was Underestimated


A few years back around 2013/14, Dr. Demasi produced two Catalyst science show productions on the ABC Australia TV network. Its as mainstream as it gets down under.

Part one, Dietary Villains, of the two-part series, The Heart of the Matter, exposes th...


Joyce clearly not going anywhere-Cormann "IndyWatch Feed National"

Finance minister Mathias Cormann. Image from

The Turnbull government needs to move on from the furore surrounding Barnaby Joyce, who clearly doesnt plan on going anywhere, cabinet minister Mathias Cormann says.

The soon-to-be acting prime minister was laying out the coalitions plans on Wednesday amid ongoing questions about the future of Mr Joyce, who is on personal leave after his extramarital affair with a former staffer was revealed.

When it was put to him that Mr Joyce was not going anywhere, Senator Cormann replied: That is clearly what he is saying.

We just keep doing the job that we were elected to do, do the best we can to secure more jobs and higher wages, he told Nine Network.

Mr Cormann said the nation needed to move on from the saga.

We must move on. The country wants us to move on, we must move on, we need to focus on the things we were elected to do, he said.

Our next priority is to get our business tax cuts through the Australian Senate so that Australian businesses can be globally competitive.

Mr Joyce is defying anyone suggesting he stand down as Nationals leader in the wake of the breakdown of his 24-year marriage and relationship with Vikki Campion who is having his baby.

WA Nationals state leader Mia Davies issued a statement on Tuesday telling Mr Joyce, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, to go.

Mr Joyces actions have caused pain for his family but it is the ongoing damage Mr Joyce is causing the Nationals organisation that is of greatest concern to me as WA leader, she said.

Mr Joyce pointing out that WA didnt have any federal MPs and that the eastern states, which had more skin in the game, supported him.

I find it surprising that a federal issue has so much momentum in the west, when people in the east in the National Party have, in the majority, a different view, he said.

While the WA branch does not have any federal MPs it was second only to the NSW branch in raising political donations last financial year, receiving $1.79 million.

The NSW and Victorian Nationals both say the federal leadership is a matter for federal MPs.

Further commentary on this issue in the public domain is unhelpful, the NSW branch said in a st...


Cops hunt Hawi hitmen as funeral plans set "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mahmoud Mick Hawi.

The body of slain bikie boss Mick Hawi is being returned to loved ones ahead of his funeral this week while detectives probe his criminal background as they hunt for the killers.

So far no suspects have been named as triggermen in the underworld execution.

Born in Beirut in the Lebanon, Mahmoud Mick Hawi moved to Australia with his parents, brother and three sisters as a young boy in 1985.

He rose to prominence for his role in the infamous bikie brawl at Sydney Airport in 2009 while he was the national president of the Comancheros.

Passengers in the terminal watched on in fear as the club clashed with rival Hells Angels members. Associate Anthony Zervas was bludgeoned to death with a bollard.

Hawi did time in prison for his role in the killing and, since his release in 2015, laid low in south Sydney.

But Hawis suburban life came to an end last Thursday when he was shot multiple times while he sat in his luxury Mercedes 4WD outside Rockdales Fitness First.

He died in St George Hospital that night, aged 37.

Tributes flowed online from club members and family friends while rumours swirled about bad blood between Hawi and the current club leadership.

AAP understands a service will be held for Hawi at the Al-Zahra mosque in Arncliffe on Thursday before his body is laid to rest in the Muslim section of Rookwood Cemetery.

A large police presence is expected at the event after NSW Police, last week, assured the public they would remain on high alert for retaliation attacks.

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Ex-ABC Heavyweights Weigh In Over Claims Emma Alberici Was Censored "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ABC, once again, is being accused of self-censorship to please government. Claire Connelly reports.

Three ABC journalists have criticised the ABC over the removal of a website article on Turnbull government corporate tax cuts by its chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici, claiming the incident conforms to a long history of pre-emptive buckling to government pressure.

And former ABC broadcaster Carol Duncan told New Matilda that a number of ABC journalists had been in touch with each other behind the scenes over the censoring of Albericis reporting, despairing over the public broadcasters dwindling independence.

The government of the day uses budget cuts to control the ABC and to force them to cower, she said.

The ABC will tell you this is not true, but I recall taking a local politics lead to my newsroom one day and being told the newsroom wouldnt touch it because they still had to work with the council next week.

Sunderlands (Alan Sunderland, director of ABC editorial policies) mealy-mouthed attempts at defending the Alberici decision are truly awful. How dare they not stand behind her. I am confident the truth will out, Carol Duncan said.

Duncan, made redundant in 2014, is now an elected ALP Councillor. Dempster, a former ABC presenter, was also made redundant in 2014 when the ABC Board axed state-based TV current affairs programs. He was staff elected director of the ABC for four years in the 1990s and is a well known advocate for public broadcasting.

Former ABC broadcaster, now contributing editor of New Daily, Quentin Dempster.

An experienced ABC journalist who has worked at the public broadcaster for more than a decade told New Matilda that over the last five years, managers stopped asking is it an important story and instead asked will it end up on the front page of the Australian?

It started in the Abbott era when conservative attacks on the ABC became consistent and unrelenting, they said.

I used to cover really risky and exciting stories, but after that, it was always abo...


UN officials warn Australia against imposing extreme penalties for Journalists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paul Farrell  Senior Reporter at Buzzfeed Australia (19 February 2018) reports that United Nations rapporteurs are seriously concerned about the impact of the Turnbull governments new security law, and its effect on freedom of the press.

A powerful group of United Nations officials have called on the Australian government to reconsider proposed secrecy laws, warning that they risk chilling the work of journalists, deterring whistleblowers, and exposing journalists and human rights activists to prosecution.

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced a broad package of reforms aimed at curbing foreign interference from countries including China and Russia.

But the proposal also includes major reforms to Australias secrecy laws, which appear to be aimed at curbing whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and organisations such as WikiLeaks.

Under the proposed new regime, two existing secrecy offences will be repealed entirely and replaced by several new offences inserted into the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

While a seven-year jail sentence is the maximum available under the existing laws, this will be increased to 20 years.

The new laws will apply to anyone, not just government officials. They could easily apply to journalists and organisations, including WikiLeaks, that communicate or deal with information. They will also close a longstanding gap around contractors working on behalf of government agencies, who will also be subject to the new offences.

David Kaye, the United Nations special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Fionnuala D. N Aolin, the special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism, and Michel Forst, the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, sent a joint communique to the Australian government on Friday warning that the bill risked violating a number of rights guaranteed under international law.

We are gravely concerned that the Bill would impose draconian criminal penalties on expression and access to information that is central to public debate and accountability in a democratic society, they wrote.

They said the bill would not only penalise disclosures of government information in the public interest, but also expose journalists, activists...


Proposed Critical Mineral legislation undermines communities and clean water "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Lowenthal, and Members of the Subcommittee for the opportunity to testify before you in opposition to HR 520, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act. My name is Aaron Mintzes, and I am with Earthworks. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral and energy development, while seeking sustainable solutions.

Our primary concern is that HR 520 undermines the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Under section 5(b)(1)(F), the lead agency can let any state or federal agency determine:

Whether public participation will occur during the decisionmaking process for authorizing actions under the permit.

So, a state could say no public participation allowed. I worry this may result in unintended consequences. If you shut the people out, it may invite litigation or create additional delays the lead agency could avoid if they listen to what the people say.  It may not deliver the regulatory certainty permit proponents seek.

NEPA ensures that Americans can take part in the review and development of projects affecting our social, economic, and environmental health. For nearly fifty years, NEPA has provided certainty and predictability through a transparent process well understood by federal regulators, permit applicants, and affected communities.

And it works. In 2016, the GAO reported that BLM and the Forest Service average two years to permit a mine plan of operations.  This period is competitive with Australia, Canada, and Chile. Especially controversial projects may take longer than average.  Yet, permitting delays primarily result from incomplete information provided by the project proponent. Sometimes for perfectly legitimate reasons like good faith changes in plans of operations or fluctuation in commodity prices.

The United States of America is one of the worlds best places to mine

America owes our mineral investment attractiveness to three factors:

  1. The strength and certainty of our democratic institutions (like NEPA)
  2. Our rich mineral endowment
  3. Our uniquely permissive mining laws and regulations

The 1872 Mining Law    

The General Mining Law of 1872 considers mining the highest and best use of public lands, even where our public lands may be better suited for oil an...


February 21 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1802 - HMS Investigator was misplaced (some say lost but I believe it will resurface down the back of someone's couch) whilst under the command of Matthew Flinders, who was stickybeaking about the coastline in the vicinity of present day Port  Lincoln. A water party, comprising two officers and a crew of six left the ship to land on the mainland and was not seen again.

1802 - Corio Bay, near Geelong, discovered John Murray poking about its shoreline.

1804 - Niberlooner was renamed Sullivan's Cove (Tassie) on this date when Lt David Collins cast his baby blues over the area.
Not to be confused with Sullivan Bay, Victoria, a settlement Lt David Collins named and abandoned after 7 months.

1840 - The cat was out of the bag when a particular gossip from Penwortham told the press of the vile events of this day when a shepherd promised a starving Indigenous woman a sheep in exchange for sex which he neglected to fulfill then, later forced to face the woman's rightly angry relatives, he killed her.

1842 - Dig out the feather boa and polish up that rhinestone garter-belt Mavis...the first play to be wrought in Melbourne was sprung upon the populace at the Theatre Royal, the title "Widow's Victim".

1848 - A hefty cutter named Psyche. Cutter was shop-lifted from Hobart by four convicts. Two survivors from her were picked up at Percy Island by the barque Freak, but the fate of their two companions was never discovered although some suspected cannibalism.

1881 - The Grey River Argus proclaimed that John Almao of Dunedin had been awarded a second order of merit, from the Melbourne Exhibition, for his model aerial tramway, while Reid and Duncan, civil engineers from Dunedin, received an Honourable Mention for their plain wire rope railway.
Well, I found it interesting...

1891 - Two Indigenous men were murdered by a policeman in Central Australia.

1894 - The Wanganui Herald whispered how Mr. Hindle, MLA of Lithgow, denounced Parliament for containing drunken blackguards.
One feels that Mr. Hindle was holding himself back, not really letting rip and tellin' like it was....

1899 - Sir George Bowen popped his clogs. Georgie-boy was a busy lad with fingers in political pies, being the Guv for Qld, the Guv for NZ and the Guv for Victoria where he didn't kiss the girls to make 'em cry but sacked 400 public servants and made 'em cry.

1907 - Tired of swimmers ignoring the SWIM BETWEEN THE DAMN FLAGS ALREADY message
The Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club was established on this day at the Royal Hotel, Bondi Beach.

1927 - Radio station 3DB began broadcasting in Melbourne. It borrowed the initials of the Druleigh Business and Technology college and was launched upon the world with a Children...


ABCC heads paid off handsomely and others are made to go without "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

Freedom of information provisions have revealed that the top chiefs of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) received generous pay increases of about 14 percent last year.

One of the commissioners found his take went up from $199,000 to $222,500 and another two from $185,000 to $210,000. Seven are now being paid more than $210,000.

These individuals are highly rewarded, because they are hired to carry out the dirty work of ensuring that that section of the workforce engaged in one of the most dangerous industries, has its own pay and working conditions undermined.

The ABCC is not an independent tribunal to deal with matters before it, in a balanced ad fair way. It is a political police force, operating with impunity, and denies the usual legal protections to those it hunts down.

This is why those who make the decisions are handsomely rewarded by a government hell bent on carrying out its class war against constrtuction workers across Australia. It needs to buy the loyalty of its principal henchmen.

A key function of theirs is to de-unionise the industry. They do this by employing provision that make it extremely hard for officials to communicate with their members. There is no right of entry onto the job. Delegates and rank and file members have little right to pursue matters of concern. Even minor breaches of the stringent conditions, risk being dragged before the ABCC.

There is little doubt that the construction industry is a test case. If successful here, the same will be applied to other industries. Fortunately, this has been held back by the ongoing resistance of the construction industry workforce and their unions.

One thing that has revealed the mercenary nature of the ABCC, is the departure of disgraced head Nigel Hadkiss, who eventually admitted breaching the law in the carrying out his role. The Commission handed out more than $418,000 for Hadkiss legal defence and he walked away without suffering any penalty at all.

Hadkiss new replacement, Stephen McBurney, is being paid $426,160 a year.

Overall, the ABCC spent almost a third of its last financial years budget, that is $11 million, on lawyers

The pay rise has shown the double standard of a government that is at the same time, actively imposing very limited pay increases for nearly all government employees. The only exception to the rule are the top executives. Their loyalty has to be paid for as well.

Australias public sector is being shaped as a weapon to wage the governments class war across the field. Through restrictions to service and ongoing privatisations, resources are being channeled upstairs, to the wealthiest individuals and everyo...


ABC News Australia Raided by ASIO Officers; Secure Cabinets Seized "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Shem El-Jamal

On January 18, 2018, many Americans were pleasantly surprised to hear the news of the raids on the publisher, Newsweek, that took place just one day prior. These actions taken by New York law enforcement appeared to be largely justified, and in the eyes of many Americans, these raids were long overdue.

As the situation appears, the issues which promoted the swift confiscation of the servers at Newsweek stretch far beyond just one mere company in the U.S. We may see that due to the similar actions of law enforcement in Canberra and Brisbane, Australia, that Newsweek was not the only corporate source that was suspected of illegal activity.

For the longest time, thousands of Americans have grown increasingly impatient with a corporate media that has been long-divorced from accurate reporting and ethical integrity. Not only have corporate sources such as Newsweek been shown to be significantly dishonest in their reporting, but they have been long-suspected to be linked to criminal interests as well.

These and many other reasons may explain why many citizens were somewhat relieved to see these recent actions against provably compromised news sources.

For decades, the corporate media has gradually devolved into a politically bias, corporately compromised, puppet show for the ruling elite. According to multiple sources, there are numerous interests behind this media monopoly who intend to manipulate the public in any direction which they deem advantageous to elitist ideals.

Whether the goal involves starting useless wars in foreign countries, placing Cabal sponsored puppets in positions of power, censoring important information from being revealed, or disarming the general public for the sake of maintain social control, the general intent is the same.

It is a well-known fact that the CIA and other government agencies have significant control over corporate media. Companies such as CNN, ABC, CBS, and even NPR have been shown to be little more than extensions of the CIA and/or other manipulative government agencies. Though some may believe that past government programs such as Operation Mockingbird were discontinued, these programs a...


Carbon Capture and Storage in Gippsland and the Longford Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Forum at Longford

A federal and state funded seismic survey is currently being carried out off coast of the Ninety Mile at Golden Beach. The Department of Earth Resources (formerly the Mines Department) stated: The CarbonNet Project will conduct a marine seismic survey in Bass Strait in early 2018. The purpose of the survey is to gain deeper knowledge of the underlying geology of the area to help confirm the potential for geological carbon dioxide (CO2) storageCarbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is being explored as part of a suite of solutions with the potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believes that CCS can play an important role in helping to meet global emission reduction targets.

This is a quaint way of saying governments are exploring their preferred option in the suite that of capturing the carbon dioxide produced in electricity generation in the Latrobe Valley and justifying the expense that it is supported by the IPCC. Simply stated CCS in Gippsland is a ruse to prolong the life of the valley generators. It involves capturing the CO2 at the source, converting it to a liquid, transporting it to a storage location possibly off Golden Beach and injecting it underground. This is a project that is inefficient, horrendously expensive and does not work. Taxpayer funds spent on this project amounts to another subsidy to the fossil fuel industry.

A recent critique of CCS by Simon Holmes Court noted there were only 2 small CCS plants operating on coal generation worldwide and that they were built as demonstration projects, funded in an era when optimism for CCS was high and renewables costs were two-to-three times dearer than now. The owners of both projects have declined to invest further in the technology, having learnt the hard way that CCS doubles a coal power stations capital and operating costs and is an outrageously expensive way to cut carbon pollution.

Rather than sincerely tackling climate change this project is just part of a government, heavily influenced by the Minerals Council of Australia, picking and b...


MACKAY Thats just dangerous: Mackay truckie flouts fatigue laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Thats just dangerous: Mackay truckie flouts fatigue laws

February 21, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

The 64-year-old appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to two counts of working more than maximum hours as a solo driver. Police pulled over Sarons Kenworth on the Bruce Highway at Childers about 11.45am on November 30 last year, as part of heavy vehicle enforcement

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


OMK stumps up $10,400 for McGrath Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

Jimmy Kyle auctions a Glenn McGrath signed bat for the Pink Stumps Day at Outtrim on Saturday. N20081

THE ladies of the OMK Cricket Club raised an astonishing $10,400 for the McGrath Foundation at an incredibly successful Pink Stumps Day at Outtrim on Saturday.
It was the clubs third annual fundraiser and the biggest to date, with 105 ladies enjoying a two course meal provided by Brent Sinclair.
The event is held to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise money for the foundation which was established to fund breast care nurses in all corners of Australia.
Guest speakers were Catherine Enter, a womens health and McGrath Foundation Breast Care nurse based at South Gippsland Hospital, who spoke about her role, and Korumburras Tracey Goodwin who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She spoke about her experience battling cancer as a single mum with three children.
Amy White led the organising committee and said she was overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the local community.
We continue to grow bigger and better and on behalf of the OMK Cricket Club we are so proud to be donating this money to the McGrath Foundation.
Jimmy Kyle from SEJ auctioned off 25 items that contributed to half of the money raised.
A portion of the ticket sales from the day, raffle tickets sold prior to the event and on the day, spinning wheels, a lucky dip, the online fundraising page, local business cash donations and our auction was how we managed to raise such a huge amount, Amy said.
In three years we have raised more than $20,000 and will continue to grow this amount in recognition of those affected by breast cancer, especially those in our cricket community.

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WE WILL NOT TAKE ACTION: ASIC too lazy to go after fallen queer Evo Media magnate & dentist harasser, Mark Christopher Anthony "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: The nation's financial and corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), is seemingly too lazy to go after disgraced queer media magnate and former Evo Media owner, Mark Christopher Anthony, despite pleas from other business owners still being harassed by the now officially declared dodgy businessman and evidence piling in against him. [READ MORE]


RMIT University Launches Australias First Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian university has launched the countrys first Blockchain course online #NEWS


How not to teach "IndyWatch Feed National"

For a term paper in an online course, a student was asked to pick a country and compare some trend between that country and the US. The student chose to compare social media use, with Australia as the other country. But she got the paper back with an F grade, the adjunct professor writing on it that she was failing the student and that Australia is a continent not a country. The student appealed the grade to the professor and the university administration and sent in some evidence that Australia was unique in being both a continent and a country. Her grade was then revised to a B+ and the professor was fired.

What struck me about this news item was not that the instructor was unaware that Australia is a country but that, if the story is taken at face value, the professor seemed to be failing the student for what was a mistake of fact. These kinds of things happen when a professor gives an assignment and then looks at only the final product of the student, with no feedback in between. This is done routinely but is not the way to help students learn how to write.

This would never happen in my courses because of the way my courses are structured. While I do assign research term papers, what I do is have the student choose a topic very early on in the course, in consultation with me. The first writing assignment that is due about a third of the way through the course requires the student to write a paper that gives three different perspectives on the topic, written in as neutral a way as possible so that I would find it hard to discern what her preferred position was. The goal of this is to have the student realize that most issues have multiple ways of being seen and to research these alternatives.

The second writing assignment due about two-thirds of the way through the course requires them to take the perspective that they favor and then write two parts: one arguing forcefully and in a partisan way in favor of their preferred position, the other arguing forcefully against it. Again, both parts should be written in such a way that it would be hard for me to guess which side she is on. The point of this assignment is to make the student research the strongest case that can be made against their position.

The final assignment due at the end of the term is where they put this all together and make the case for their position while acknowledging that other points of view and opposing arguments exist and taking those into account when making their case.

For each paper, students are encouraged to submit their work and get feedback from their peers and from me before submitting the final versions. In this system, it can never happen that a studen...


EMF Readings After My Two Posts Today "IndyWatch Feed National"

Again- emf stands for electro magnetic frequentcy- and a safe level is under 50 and as you can those in my house are not even close


Australia: Ex-Muslim forced to wear niqab for years says I hate the niqab "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can she say that? Or will Australias smart set forthwith denounce her for Islamophobia? I hate the niqab: Ex-Muslim who runs an atheist blog says she ran away from home after her mother forced her to wear the dehumanising face covering, by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, February 20, 2018: An ex-Muslim woman has described []


Just Discover Doug Mesner Somehow Put My YouTube Channel Back Up "IndyWatch Feed National"

I thought it was gone but I accidentally hit a button to find it was all back up.

So I manually deleted the videos except for a few.

This dude will stop at nothing to try and set me up. But good luck replacing them since I just manually deleted most all of the videos.

Doug Mesner also uses the name Jon Killrush as one of his myriad of aliases- as he gets a rush from killing. And the guy is OBSESSED with me


Beyond Comprehension! Supermassive Black Holes are Outgrowing Their Host Galaxies "IndyWatch Feed National"

By The Daily Galaxy

The growth of the biggest black holes in the Universe is outrunning the rate of formation of stars in the galaxies they inhabit, according to two new studies using data from NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes and described in our latest press release.

In this graphic an image from the Chandra Deep Field-South is shown. The Chandra image (blue) is the deepest ever obtained in X-rays. It has been combined with an optical and infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), colored red, green, and blue. Each Chandra source is produced by hot gas falling towards a supermassive black hole in the center of the host galaxy, as depicted in the artists illustration.One team of researchers, led by Guang Yang at Penn State, calculated the ratio between a supermassive black holes growth rate and the growth rate of stars in its host galaxy and found it is much higher for more massive galaxies. For galaxies containing about 100 billion solar masses worth of stars, the ratio is about ten times higher than it is for galaxies containing about 10 billion solar masses worth of stars.

Using large amounts of data from Chandra, HST and other observatories, Yang and his colleagues studied the growth rate of black holes in galaxies at distances of 4.3 to 12.2 billion light years from Earth. The X-ray data included the Chandra Deep Field-South and North surveys and the COSMOS-Legacy surveys.

Another group of scientists, led by Mar Mezcua of the Institute of Space Sciences in Spain, independently studied 72 galaxies located at the center of galaxy clusters at distances ranging up to about 3.5 billion light years from Earth and compared their properties in X-ray and radio waves. Their work indicates that the black hole masses were about ten times larger than masses estimated by another method using the assumption that the black holes and galaxies grew in tandem.

The Mezcua study used X-ray data from Chandra and radio data from the Australia Telescope Compact Array, the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and Very Long Baseline Array. One object in their sample is the large galaxy in the center of the Hercules galaxy cluster. The image shown above includes Chandra data (purple), VLA data (blue) and HST optical data (appearing white).

The Daily Galaxy via Chandra X-ray Center...

Tuesday, 20 February


The Music Of James Bond "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Rediscover The Music Of James Bond!

For over 50 years, the thrilling exploits of the worlds greatest spy have been accompanied by the worlds finest theme songs: Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, From Russia With Love, Diamonds Are Forever, Skyfall, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, and so many more.

Now celebrate these timeless hits with The Music of James Bond in full live symphonic sound. Conducted by Mr 007 himself Guy Noble and sung with soulful power by Australias finest songstress, the multi-award winning Kate Ceberano, and musical theatre extraordinaire, Michael Falzon.


The remarkable music of James Bond has spanned decades and now the next generation can enjoy the sweeping themes and luscious pop classics that accompany each film. Says Michael

Falzon A couple of years ago, Kate and I had the honour of bringing that music to Australian audiences with a full live orchestra. Im so lucky to be sharing the stage again with the inimitable Ms. Ceberano and this time for Sydney audiences. Together we get to go down memory lane and I get to share the stage with one of the truly great voices of a generation. Im chuffed.

Kate Ceberano is one of Australias most loved performers. Her talent and popularity know no bounds. Her career spans three decades and various roles and incantations from the lead singer of Im Talking to an award-winning solo artist and performer, Artistic Director of the Adelaide Festival, author, actress and dancer. Kate has won multiple ARIA awards over her career and in 2014 became the first Australian woman to be inducted into the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) Hall of Fame. Joining such luminaries as Don Walker, The Easybeats, LRB and The Angels. She was awarded an Order of Australia in 2016 for her charitable work and services...


Fosters 111th Show is all about fun and community "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

ITS all going on at the Foster Show this coming Saturday with live music, Miss Showgirl and MasterTot, the Victorian Sheaf Tossing Championships, the popular Dog High Jump, Childrens Dog []

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Magical Meeniyan does it again! "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

On Saturday Meeniyan delivered perfect weather and a happy crowd of 67000 to enjoy the colourful second Garlic Festival with its wide range of entertainment for all ages. Attendance statistics []

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Wind wreaks havoc "IndyWatch Feed Gippsland"

ON a wild and windy Wednesday last week Foster Primary School had no power from 12:15pm when a tree took down power lines. It soon became obvious that the police, []

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Geoffrey Rush defamation case hears allegation he touched actress genitals "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

ABC News Australia

Geoffrey Rush defamation case hears allegation he touched actress genitals

20 February 2018

Geoffrey Rush

More details have emerged of the allegations against Geoffrey Rush after a judge lifted a suppression order on the Daily Telegraphs defence to a defamation action brought by the Oscar-winning actor.

In its defence filed in the Federal Court, the newspaper claims that Rush inappropriately touched actor Eryn Jean Norvill, who was playing his daughter during a production of King Lear at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2015.

The defence document alleges that Norvill complained to the Sydney Theatre Company that the actor had touched her genitals during the production of King Lear without her consent.

Rush has vehemently denied the claims and is seeking damages, claiming the article portrayed him as a pervert and a sexual predator.

The Daily Telegraph claims in its defence that the touching happened during the final scene of the play, when Rush in the role of King Lear walked onto the stage carrying the lifeless body of his daughter, Cordelia.

In a pre-trial hea...


MEDIA RELEASE: Government draft poultry standards fail to meet international standards "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

MEDIA RELEASE- 20 February 2018

Animal welfare advocates, farmers, academics and consumers are disappointed that the government department responsible for draft industry standards for poultry welfare released in late 2017 colluded with the industrial livestock industry before the release, and failed to meet expectations to phase out battery cages.

Consumers and animal welfare advocates are appalled by the Draft Standards. Already more than 100,000 submissions have been made, triple the number submitted for other livestock welfare reviews.[1]

The draft was widely expected to follow international moves to ban the battery cage. But in the face of this global trend, Australia has shied away from a once-in-a-generation chance to secure better welfare for poultry since the last review in 2001.

The integrity of the process undertaken by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) was put into question after research by animal welfare scientists was distorted by the drafting group to appear in favour of conventional caged egg production. Industrial caged egg farmers were accused of engaging in systemic collusion with the DPI to thwart moves to outlaw battery hens.

One suggested alternative is furnished or colony cages, which are larger and provide perches, nests and litter for pecking and scratching. But the research on furnished cages was provided by an industry body and only done on 12 flocks, calling into question the independence and comprehensiveness of the studies accompanying the proposed standards.

The European Union announced a ban on battery cages in 1999 and witnessed the completion of that ban in 2012, 20 years after Switzerland became first to phase out battery cages.[2] Alongside them are Canada, New Zealand and the states of California, Michigan and Ohio in the US, where cage-free egg products are a requirement in many retail outlets.

In Australia, major retailers such as McDonalds, Coles & Woolies have agreed to phase out caged eggs. More than 40 IGA stores have stopped stocking cage eggs.[3] The proportion of caged eggs sold in supermarkets has fallen from 75% to 49% over the past decade and the RSPCA says that 84% of consumers do not want cage eggs.

Clearly consumer awareness and demand for cage-free products are on the rise, and Australian governments are wildly out of step with community sentiment.

AFSA President and free-range pig and cattle farmer Tammi Jonas said, Industrial farmers a...


Geoffrey Rushs co-star visibly upset after confrontation, court told "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Guardian Australia

Geoffrey Rushs co-star visibly upset after confrontation, court told

Documents claim actor entered theatres female bathroom before being told to leave

Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush labelled the articles published by the Daily Telegraph as spurious claims with bombastic titles. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush was involved in a confrontation that left a female cast member visibly upset at a party following the 2015 Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear, according to allegations in newly released court documents.

On Tuesday the federal court in Australia published a previously suppressed document filed by Nationwide News a subsidiary of News Corp in its defence of defamation proceedings brought by Rush against the newspaper publisher.

Rush strenuously denies the allegations made against him and has labelled the articles published by the Daily Telegraph in November and December last year as spurious claims with bombastic titles.



Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

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Australian public research university RMIT is launching the countrys first dedicated online short course on blockchain technology, the underlying innovation behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The emergence of blockchain as a disruptive, game-changing technology has spurred Melbourne-based RMIT University to offer Australias first online course on the sector. The 8-week program, titled Developing Blockchain Strategy, will Continued

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IKEA To Begin Selling "At-Cost" Home Solar Panel Systems For Under $10,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA recently announced a plan to sell at-cost home solar panel systems that will range from $7,500 $10,000. The offer is slowly rolling out in different markets and is already available in different parts of Europe and Japan. This week, IKEA Australia boss Jan Gardberg announced that the solar panels will soon be sold in his region as well.


Swatting Leftists in 6 Easy Steps: Part One Read and Prepare "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

TMRs special on swatting leftists begins in earnest with Part One: Read and Prepare. In case you missed the foreword, its here.

For obvious reasons (to non-leftists), reading and preparing are arguably the most important things you can do when it comes to debating and you need to get started on both of them long before you go leftie hunting.

Reading without preparing is similar to having strategy without tactics (i.e. the slowest route to victory) a principle often attributed to Sun Tzu. Preparing without reading on the other hand would make you a leftist.

It feels a bit silly recommending obvious things like reading. However, the simple fact is that people simply do not read stuff, let alone the stuff theyre going to mouth-off to other people on. Given that were supposed to be experiencing the age of information, it amazes me how little interest people actually have in helping themselves to some of it. I guess some things will never change which creates a big opportunity when it comes to the next self-righteous leftist that comes preaching your way.

By reading and preparing, I dont mean cram a few articles just before a debate like a university student does to pass an exam. I also dont mean read The Sydney Morning Herald every day (and nothing else) and then call yourself informed. If all you do is watch either or both Sunrise and the 6.00 nightly news, then please stop reading here. This article is not for you. I think Millionaire Hotseat might be on. Off you go.

When it comes to reading, I mean:

  • stop scrolling through your social media news feeds and informing yourself about what people (who you dont even make the time to see anymore) ate for dinner last night;
  • read, re-read, watch videos, listen to radio shows and podcasts and any other forms of media you can sensibly learn from and immerse yourself in a wide variety of opinions (including some phenomenally moronic ones) on whatever it is you are going to have a debate on; and
  • check and re-check the opinions by looking up basic and non-negotiable facts on the topic.

On top of these things, you must also:

  • understand how leftists form their o...

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