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Thursday, 24 August


Ramada Resort Phillip Island review. Wyld Family Travel

As I headed home from a 4.30 am start at work the only thing on my mind was our relaxing weekend at Ramada Resort at Phillip Island. The family was ready when I walked in the door and before we knew it we were on the road. The trip to Phillip Island took about 2.5 hours from our home and is an easy drive.

As we pulled into the reception parking area I was so pleased with the drive in. We were surrounded by trees, you could hear birds over the car and I was so ready to get checked into and go explore. As I headed into the reception area I was greeted with a board of things to do in Phillip Island and I thought I would have to study it much further on my way out. I made my way to the front desk and I was greeted by Joanne. She gathered all of my details and we were off to find our Villa. We wound our way through the amazing bush land with little villas spotted throughout. I was totally in love with the setting and I was well on my way to that desired level of relaxed mum!

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As we pulled into Melaleuca Drive our little villa was around half way up the street. We parked the car in our driveway and made our way out to the front of the villa through a little bush path. As we got to the front of the villa we were all blown away by the view we had, it was magnificent! The villa faced a huge open paddock and with the villa having huge sliding glass door leading out to the deck it was the only view you got. We unpacked and moved in!

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Our Ramada Resort Phillip Island villa had:...

Wednesday, 23 August


Great Victorian bike ride just 4 months away Foster Community Online

On Sunday 26 November over 3000 bike riders will be staying in Foster! The Prom Country Great Victorian Bike Ride Committee is looking for businesses and community groups who []

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In Praise of Trees Gippsland News & Views Peter Gardner

Tree Planting Diary 2009

In 1999 I wrote an article with the same title for a different publication.  This article listed food production, windbreaks and six other benefits that trees provide for us. It concluded: Planting and nurturing a tree is a positive act in terms of humanity (as others will benefit from your act), the environment and even in personal power. It is an act of love for the earth, nature, your fellows and yourself. The article was primarily about planting and reafforestation though it did mention our native forests as a thing of beauty.

However it just made a single mention of perhaps the most important benefit forests as a carbon store. Growing trees as a carbon sequestration is, as various memes in the twittersphere point out, the only form of carbon capture and storage that actually works. For some years whenever I found a massive tree I would measure its circumference and make a rule of thumb calculation as to how much carbon was stored in that particular tree. The calculation was done by measuring the tree circumference at shoulder height then applying this figure to a table to give a return of carbon in kilograms stored. For example a young hardwood tree with a circumference of one hand (28cm) indicated a carbon storage of 33 kilograms; a circumference of 4 hands (100cm) more than 1 ton of storage and a very large tree with a circumference of 3 arms widths (5m) stored about 90 tons of carbon. It is easy then to comprehend that mature ash forest store more than 1900 tons of carbon per hectare.

Shade from trees and their cooling effect is another aspect relevant to a warming climate. Using trees in towns to help mitigate warming is something I hope to look at soon. In the meantime various government departments appear to be doing their best to destroy and remove these precious assets. I have blogged on the need to cease the logging practices of this government which destroys large areas of these stores and produces prodigious amounts of greenhouse gases. This is done to protect a small number of jobs making clear fell logging doubly damaging to our climate. Other departments are clearing trees such as those along little travelled roads fo...


EDFL: Catani beats Ellinbank, plus Round 18 scores network

Catani defeated Ellinbank 10.9.69 to 7.8.50 in their EDFL Round 18 Seniors game on Saturday.

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