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Thursday, 18 January


Warragul toilet loiterer concerns police network

Police are advising people stay away from a man seen loitering around the Civic Park toilets in Warragul.


Travel Loan Make Your Dream a Reality Wyld Family Travel

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Wednesday, 17 January


Bass Coast names Citizen of the Year for 2018, and the winner is South Gippsland Sentinel-Times

THE Bass Coast Shire Council put the spotlight firmly on Australia Day celebrations locally when they named their top citizens for 2018 ahead of the big day next Friday week, January 26.

And the one to emerge from the six finalists presented at an awards night in the Old Wonthaggi Post Office on Wednesday night, January 17 this week was Wonthaggi Baptist Church Pastor Brendan Smith.

In accepting the award, Mr Smith was humble, paying tribute instead to the other five finalists saying that Bass Coast was all the richer for their volunteer contributions and those of the other members of the local population who volunteered their time regularly.

Volunteerism was a consistent theme throughout the presentation night, hosted by Bass Coast Mayor Cr Pam Rothfield who said Bass Coast citizens were punching above their weight when it came to volunteering, with 22% of Bass Coasters volunteering against a national average of 19%.

Other worthy nominees for the Citizen of the Year award were Editor of the Bass Valley News Roger Clark, Winter Festival organiser John Curran, Lions Club volunteer Sam De Pasquale, Wonthaggi Anglican Church weekly meal organiser Wendy McBurnie and San Remo Op Shop President Marj Powell.

But ultimately it was Brendan Smith who received the shires highest individual honour.

In four short years locally, his credits include the renovation and expansion of the church buildings which are available to the public, mentoring 75 people and involvement in a wide range of local events including free family fun days for the Wonthaggi community, The Dollar Club to support families in crisis situations, the Gravity family social club, encouraging visiting nursing homes, food hampers for the disadvantaged, youth programs, support for the annual Carols by Candlelight in Wonthaggi and more.

He serves on the Wonthaggi Primary School Council. among other things.




Proposed Port Welshpool marina in the wrong place Foster Community Online

OVER 100 people turned up to voice their concerns about the draft proposal to build a Marina on the west end of Port Welshpool next to the Long Jetty. The []

The post Proposed Port Welshpool marina in the wrong place appeared first on Foster Community Online.


Locals support development of the Hoddle Mountain Trail Foster Community Online

A meeting in Fish Creek last week to support the development of the Hoddle Mountain Trail attracted more than 20 locals, with another 15 sending their apologies. Many of the []

The post Locals support development of the Hoddle Mountain Trail appeared first on Foster Community Online.


Patients breathe easier thanks to Esso/BHP Billiton Foster Community Online

WITH the generous support of joint venturers, Esso/BHP Billiton, South Gippsland Hospital has been able to purchase a new Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machine for use in the Urgent []

The post Patients breathe easier thanks to Esso/BHP Billiton appeared first on Foster Community Online.


Renewable Energy: the mad saga continues "IndyWatch Feed"

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) lobbies hard for renewable subsidies and estimates global clean energy investment at $333 billion. This excludes hydro-electricity other than Politically Correct small hydro.  Some 85 per cent of expenditure is in wind or solar with the rest including biomass, electric vehicles and waste-to-energy.

In a press release of 16 January, BNEF includes the following graphic of Australian renewable investment trends.

To recap, in Australia electricity from subsidised renewable energy and wind is the cheapest of those sources costs three times as much as energy from coal.  It is viable only because the government requires increasing proportions of energy it designates as renewable to be incorporated in our supply and therefore in our bills.

This results in a subsidy, which at present is $85 per MWh for wind and large scale solar, and $40 for rooftop solar.  Those sums are on top of the market price all energy receives.  That market price used to be around $40 per MWh but, as a result of closures caused by subsidised wind forcing increased costs on coal and gas generators, it is now around $90 per MWh; research conducted by the Minerals Council puts new build for coal at under $50 per MWh, costs that are consistent with those estimated for the thousand plus coal generators being built, mainly in Asia.

The upshot is a double whammy we replace low cost highly reliable electricity with supplies that are three times as expensive and which are highly unreliable and we call that progress!!  The $9 billion of subsidy-induced malinvestment in renewables last year alone would have been sufficient to finance over 4,000 MW of new coal plant more than double the capacity of the now closed Hazelwood station, even if it is in fashionable but high cost low emissions plant.  That would have returned prices to their 2015 level,  half those now prevailing, and given us the reliability that is now a wistful nostalgia.

At pre...


End logging's legal exemption - RFA NO WAY News - Goongerah Environment Centre

For twenty years the native forest logging industry has been exempt from complying with Federal environment laws. The exemption is granted through the Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs).


Cycle guide to north east Victoria Mountain Journal

This is another great guide to north east Victoria. Like the Walk and Trails guide, the Bright and Surrounds cycle guide provides a fantastic introduction to all types of riding in the area from Myrtleford to Mt Beauty and Falls Creek to Dinner Plain.

It includes easy, family friendly riding, road riding options and the many shared trails (including the popular Rail Trails) plus details on Mountain bike riding. It is produced by the Alpine Shire. You can get free copies in local tourist information centres or download it as a pdf here.


The Nuts and Bolts of Demand Response Gippsland News & Views Peter Gardner

Basically demand response is the act of responding to fluctuations in energy demand in relation to the supply of power over brief periods of time. Currently this is almost exclusively either related to disruption in the conventional power system where supply drops for some reason or there are extremely hot summer afternoons where power consumption soars when we all turn on our air-cons. The conventional power source is unable to supply this extra electricity causing or threatening black-outs in some areas. By paying a sufficient number of consumers to stop consuming power, supply and demand can be balanced and grid operations maintained without disruptions.

An example of this was recently carried out with our power supplier Powershop called Curb Your Power  and this is how it worked. Firstly we accepted an invitation from them to participate in their demand response program. They then contacted us by text about one hour previous to requiring us to reduce our energy consumption by at least one third between the hours of 3.30 to 5.30pm. Before 3.30pm I wandered around our unit turning off all the unnecessary power consumers including the major one the air con but left 2 ceiling fans running as it was quite warm. Other power consuming actions such as cooking and clothes washing were deferred. A few days later the retailer rewarded us, and all other participants, with $10 on our account and conducted a survey to find out how we responded.

It later transpired that there was a power outage in the Lindenow area stretching across to places north of Bairnsdale in this case over 1000 customers were blacked out although the cause of this is not known. However we were experiencing hot weather and both our fans and air con were in operation when the request to reduce power consumption was received.

The demand response (sometimes called negawatts) process is simple. Sign up to a demand response program with your retailer and supply contact details to them. Then reduce your power consumption by a significant amount at the time and for the duration they request. Assuming this was successful your account will later be credited.

Almost certainly this was a trial run for our retailer as well. The next step is a refinement of smart meters (plus some computer software?) to calculate exactly how much power was reduced so that participants can...

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