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Tuesday, 16 January


Around the Bay 16/01/2018 South Gippsland Sentinel-Times

Not to be outdone by his younger brother Sam from last week, Oli got the spinning rod and the soft plastics out and managed to catch himself a quality flathead this week. I think there will be plenty of competitions between the two brothers over the next few years.

By Craig Edmonds of Jims Bait and Tackle, San Remo

FOR the last two years on every Sunday I have sat down and written a fishing report, and then on a Monday I send it out to 100s of people via email and to the newspapers.
And except for a handful of customers, I dont really know who reads it, and it still surprises me, at this time of the year especially, that so many visitors come down from all regions of Melbourne and engage in a conversation with me in response to my report that they have somehow managed to get their hands on.
If you are coming down at any time, even if you do your tackle shopping somewhere else, please call in and say hi and we will help you out with the latest reports.
We try to make our reports more than just a list of points. They are stories about your experiences, with lots of pictures, and we thank everyone for all the comments we have had over the last few weeks regarding the way the reports are written.
We often get asked about whether they are genuine, because we dont mention names, but I can assure you the reports we do are all based on what we are told over the counter with most asking us not to mention names, which we respect.
However, while we try not to push too many agendas there is the odd occasion that I will write about something that creates a bit of conversation, and this week is one of those weeks.
A couple of weeks ago there was a very large blue marlin caught in Exmouth, in Western Australia, which is a record capture for that state.
This capture caused a lot of conversation from both sides of the fence with some of the social media conversation becoming heated at times.
Over this Christmas holiday period I dont remember ever having in the past so many people telling me about all the fish that are being caught that are either too big or too small.
Many of the conversations that are put up against catches, big or small, are of an ethical or moral, call it what you want, type of argument which is not a problem, but it is just that we have a thing called the law t...


Emergency rush News The Star

PARAMEDICS were busy across South Gippsland last week, with the Air Ambulance called to numerous incidents.

A man was flown by air ambulance to The Alfred Hospital from Mirboo North in a serious condition with a leg injury, on Thursday.

A young woman was taken by Air Ambulance to The Alfred Hospital in a serious condition after collapsing at a home in Cape Paterson, on Thursday.

The same day, a man in his seventies was taken by Air Ambulance to The Alfred Hospital after suffering serious arm and leg injuries after a quad bike rollover in Ryanston, north of Wonthaggi.

Last Thursday at Venus Bays beach five, a man managed to make his way to sand bar and did not receive emergency care.

Paramedics were called to the beach after receiving reports of a man being swept out to sea.


Rail trail ready to roll News The Star


THE members of the new Great Southern Rail Trail Committee of Management met last week to discuss their plans for the regions iconic tourism attraction.

New chairman Ken Myors of Korumburra said the committee would continue to ensure the trail meets the regions recreation and economic needs.

The amount of people who go in and out of these towns would not be there if it was not for the rail trail, he said.

Little maintenance has been undertake on the trail over the past eight months following the retirement of the previous committee, largely due to age. Now the new committee is preparing to prune trees and undertake other tasks.

Mr Myors said the committee aims to re-engage the expertise of the volunteers of the Friends of the Great Southern Rail Trail.

Other new committee members are secretary Jack Pearce of Fish Creek, treasurer Laurie Martin of Leongatha, Stephen Sully of Leongatha, Greg Goss of Leongatha, Danny Drummond of Leongaths South and Kee Chian of Leongatha.

The committee meets in Meeting Room Two, Leongatha Memorial Hall Complex, Michael Place, Leongatha, on the first Monday of the month at 6pm. More members are welcome.

To find out more, phone Mr Myors on 0419 388 860 or Mr Pearce on 0429 997 882, or see the website

Ready to serve: from left, the members of the new Great Southern Rail Trail Committee of Management are: Greg Goss, secretary Jack Pearce, chairman Ken Myors, Laurie Martin, Danny Drummond, Stephen Sully and Kee Chiam.


Boaters fined during safety blitz News The Star

FISHERIES and police officers issued five infringement notices to boaters during an operation at Welshpool recently.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) conducted an operation targeting those fishing recreationally in South Gippsland.

The joint operation with Victoria Police ran over two days and temporary road blocks were put in place at Welshpool on January 10 and December 15, 2017.

Recreational fishers who had been fishing around Port Welshpool were checked to ensure they held recreational fishing licenses, were using the correct equipment and following the legal fishing limits.

As part of the VFAs role in promoting responsible fishing, fisheries officers in Victoria are also appointed as transport safety officers and may inspect vessels and operators to ensure they are complying with marine safety regulations to ensure fishing is carried out safely.

Overall, fisheries compliance was good, with five infringements issued for marine safety non-compliance relating to personal flotation devices and flares.

Senior fisheries officer Joel Sedgwick said the aim of the operation was to make contact with as many fishers as possible and promote public awareness of fisheries regulations.

It was great to see that the vast majority of fishers were doing the right thing and that no fisheries offences were detected, he said.

Fisheries officers will be out and about all summer at various times of the day and night, in uniform and plain clothes to ensure fishing is carried out in accordance with the rules.

Anyone who sees or suspects illegal fishing is urged to call the 24-hour reporting line 13FISH (133474), anytime.


Retailers relish holiday rush News The Star


SOUTH Gippsland shoppers backed local businesses over Christmas after being lured to the regions towns by new initiatives from business and tourism associations.

From traditional promotional posters to modern social media, commercial associations worked hard to entice festive shoppers.

Korumburra Business Association president Noelene Cosson said businesses encouraged people to spend locally by putting up posters in shop windows, which resulted in a great start to the holiday season.

Overall, there was a positive feel throughout Korumburra. It was great to see so many people in the street, she said.

Association secretary Shirley Arestia said although there may not have been any increase in trade, the Korumburra Christmas party laid down the foundation for trade to improve in the coming years.

People came out for the activities and music, and some stopped for a coffee or to do a bit of their Christmas shopping, she said.

There were a lot of numbers and the town was busy in the lead up to Christmas. However, the feedback has been that it didnt pick up over the New Year period.

We have a lot of new people coming into the town who havent yet discovered what we have to offer. They are still in the habit of ordering online or travelling to bigger department stores.

Its just a matter of building up our encouragement for local support and helping everyone get a feel for whats here to adjust the ways people do their Christmas shopping.

Ms Arestia said there was a lot of positive feedback about the festive vibe in Korumburra, with residents and visitors enjoying the towns Christmas decorations.

The Inverloch Tourism Association turned to social media to help promote local businesses over the holiday period.

Association president Dom Brusamarello said members had been encouraged to post promotions through social networking sites, and they had received positive comments and results.

We are grateful to the community for supporting our traders and the shop local movement, he said.

As for the summer trade, Mr Brusamarello said it seemed similar to previous years, but it was too soon to tell.

If the weather in the next couple of weeks is conducive for the beach, we will see an increase in trade. If it rains, people are more likely to travel, he said.

What we are seeing this year is more people using their holiday homes. The community had noticed a rise in local tourists.

Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association president Dee Connell said there had been a definite increase in Christmas and New Year trade.

More people are passing through the town and theres a lot more traffic. Weve all seen more people stopping and showing interest in our local businesses, she said.

The association has not run any new initiatives, allowing members to focus on their business during the busy period.



Brown water flows from taps News The Star

KORUMBURRA residents have turned on their taps only for brown water to flow, over summer.

South Gippsland Water has attributed the discoloured water to the presence of the naturally occurring mineral manganese.

Over the past month, changes to pressure and flows within the Korumburra system have caused sediments to be stirred up and enter the flow to customers taps.

The manganese sediments tend to give the water a yellow through to brown or dirty appearance.

South Gippsland Water is acting to remove the discoloured water.

Manganese is not toxic when consumed at the concentrations typically present in tap water, however, South Gippsland Water advises people not to drink water that is badly coloured.

South Gippsland Water managing director Philippe du Plessis said manganese was present in all systems.

However, normally manganese sediments settle to the bottom of the pipe reticulation network where they dont cause problems for customers, he said.

The best way to clear manganese from the system is to flush it out.

South Gippsland Water began flushing last Wednesday to release the coloured water and sediments from the system.

Customers can also assist by running the garden tap for 15 minutes if they experience manganese. The cost of doing so will be approximately 50 cents.

These summer conditions have presented a range of challenges for water treatment in Korumburra, Mr du Plessis said.

Please be assured the water is safe to drink, and South Gippsland Water field officers are working hard to ensure maximum possible removal of manganese at the treatment plant and cleaning or flushing of the system around the township.

This naturally occurring mineral will continue to occur while the system is sourced from local catchment areas.

Customers who experience coloured tap can call South Gippsland Water on 1300 851 636 to report the issue.

Clearing the system: Todd Lomax from South Gippsland Water flushes out pipes in Korumburra after many reports of brown water in residents homes.


Leongatha cheer News The Star

THE State Government is being urged to ensure Leongatha receives adequate funding for its future infrastructure requirements.

The call comes in the wake of a prediction the towns population is expected to grow to 7476 people by 2031 a massive rise of 30 per cent on the most recent population count in 2016.

By 2031, Leongatha is expected to have 3343 homes, up from the 2560 homes that existed in 2016.

The predicted population growth in the 2016 Census will drive demand for improved infrastructure and facilities in the town, and broader community.

Gippsland South MLA Danny OBrien called on the State Government to give Leongatha the attention it deserves.

There are plenty of local projects the Labor Government could get on with to help stimulate the local economy including the Leongathas Bair Street upgrade, he said.

There is frustration in South Gippsland at the millions being spent in the Latrobe Valley while the rest of Gippsland gets very little.

We appreciate that Latrobe Valley is going through a significant and protracted transition period, but the government needs to be aware there are other parts of Gippsland that are also doing it tough and ensure its attention is on places like South Gippsland as well.

From The Nationals perspective, we are finalising our policies for the 2018 election now and will be putting forward a strong plan to revitalise our country towns and rural areas.

South Gippsland Shire Councils planning manager Paul Stampton is not surprised by the predicted growth of Leongatha the shires main commercial and residential centre.

Leongatha is a very attractive town and regional centre identified, with Korumburra, as the places where large population growth should occur, in the Gippsland Regional Growth Strategy adopted by the State Government, he said.

It is usual, and sensible planning for population growth to be encouraged in larger centres with diverse infrastructure such as hospitals, ambulances, schools, roads and businesses.

Mr Stampton said council is preparing for the growth by identifying growth areas and land for development, with well over 100ha of prospective land earmarked for housing.

Of course it is up to landowners and developers to actively pursue the development of their own land, he said.

Council has identified large areas to the west and south for the next stages of town development that are currently in a number of different ownerships.

Mr Stampton said council plans covering community infrastructure plan for the towns future.

Mayor Cr Lorraine Brunt said council was helping to drive the town into the future through its Leongatha Revitalisation Project.

This encompasses the improvement of the Anderson Street entrance to town, and the current projects of the redevelopment of the railway site and Bair Street.

The railway site is the subject...

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Monday, 15 January


Munich Residenz the largest city palace in Germany Wyld Family Travel

There are those cities that you go to that just deliver the goods everytime you go there. For us, Munich, Germany is that city. We have been there 5 times now and every time we go we find something new to see or do. We have even been lucky enough to see the same things a couple of times in different seasons and we have been blown away by how different it is. It is just that one city that gives more and more whether you have one day in Munich or a week. On our last trip to Munich with kids, we were staying for a little less time than on the previous trips so we decided to stay within the city and explore more around there. We looked up the top things to do in Munich in winter and although we had already done some of the things on the list The Royal Residence Munich or as some will know it, Munich Residenz was the one we had not gone to even though it was on every list of things to do in Munich in winter. In all honesty, we had not even considered it on our last trips and that, we would learn, had been a huge mistake.

Is Munich Residenz one of the best things to do in Munich in winter?

Our day started out with our hop on hop off bus tour (if you only have one day in Munich this is a perfect way to see as much as you can, it is also an easy way to see Munich with kids) and it was freezing. None of us was keen to get off the nice warm bus and walk the short way to the ticket office at the Munich Residenz. It turns out we walked around the wrong side of the building and ended up doing an entire lap of a block. The girls were freezing by this stage and I think some serious death stares were being thrown in our direction from them. Munich in winter is absolutely freezing even when you are walking! Once we got inside though we let them sit down and had a drink and a snack in the little foyer.

Where do we stay in Munich?...


11 Areas To Digitally Declutter Gippsland Unwrapped

One of the first things I do each year is a digital declutter. Decluttering excess digital stuff is just as important as creating uncluttered physical spaces, especially as more and more of our work, education and entertainment move to digital sources. For me, this is just another way to simplify and organise my life to prevent overwhelm and stay connected in ways that matter most.

Sunday, 14 January


Forests Forever 2018 Environment East Gippsland Inc

Sunday, January 14, 2018


30th March -2nd April 2018

Be guided by expert ecologists revealing the delicate workings of these ancient eco-systems, be awed by the diversity of a pristine rainforest and be outraged by the logging and continuing destruction.

  • Tour with expert botanistsExplore rainforests and old growth
  • Search for giant trees
  • Spotlight for nocturnal wildlife
  • Camp with like-minded people
  • Learn more about the huge potential of our forests to store carbon

Every Easter, we hold a camp where people can join in a variety of day trips. Some of the places we visit are mountain tops, old growth forests, rainforests, alpine wetlands, and we learn about our these areas (and the politics of their management) from expert biologists and forest campaigners.

To book online through Eventbrite - click here

Read more camp information - click here






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